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Stock Ticket
HA073 A19 1G6KS54Y5XU920180 1999 CADILLAC SEVILLE  
GZ238 A26 1G6KY5497YU191740 2000 CADILLAC SEVILLE  
GZ812 B08 1B3XP48K2LN262747 1990 DODGE SHADOW  
HA745 B04 3B3XP45K9MT599843 1991 DODGE SHADOW  
rusty rusty 1B3XP48K6NN255738 1992 DODGE SHADOW  
HA876 A09 JS3TD21V7V4100766 1997 SUZUKI SIDEKICK  
GV751 A06 4T3ZF13C2WU051196 1998 TOYOTA SIENNA  
HA364 A09 4T3ZF13C21U332231 2001 TOYOTA SIENNA  
GZ130 A05 4T3ZF13C42U414477 2002 TOYOTA SIENNA  
GS925 A11 5TDZA23CX4S155096 2004 TOYOTA SIENNA  
GZ797 A17 1GHDX23E71D197849 2001 OLDMOBILE SILHOUETT  
HA463 A22 1GHDX03E53D276900 2003 OLDMOBILE SILHOUETT  
HA578 A04 2T1CF22P8XC177400 1999 TOYOTA SOLARA  
HA160 A14 2T1CF22P6YC306798 2000 TOYOTA SOLARA  
GT807 A12 KMHWF35V1YA204077 2000 HYUNDAI SONATA  
HA257 A15 KMHWF35H62A555102 2002 HYUNDAI SONATA  
GT616 A11 KMHWF35H92A729504 2002 HYUNDAI SONATA  
GS640 A12 KMHWF35H23A778352 2003 HYUNDAI SONATA  
HA599 A04 KMHWF25H23A750769 2003 HYUNDAI SONATA  
ha645 A07 KMHWF25S13A846842 2003 HYUNDAI SONATA  
GS525 A12 KMHWF35H45A208484 2005 HYUNDAI SONATA  
HA251 A14 KMHET46C36A161124 2006 HYUNDAI SONATA  
HA283 A20 1GTCS1446T8502141 1996 GMC SONOMA  
GZ923 A02 KNDJC733435146970 2003 KIA SORENTO  
GT133 A12 KNDJC733645295642 2004 KIA SORENTO  
GW655 A06 KNAFB121825177141 2002 KIA SPECTRA  
HA868 A09 KNAFB121445318564 2004 KIA SPECTRA  
GZ949 A12 KNAFE121455151258 2005 KIA SPECTRA  
HA723 A06 KNDJB723XW5572929 1998 KIA SPORTAGE  
HA519 A03 KNDJB7236Y5655082 2000 KIA SPORTAGE  
HA975 A11 KNDJE723767262538 2006 KIA SPORTAGE  
HA405 A16 JG1MS0853GK730018 1986 GMC SPRINT  
HA247 B10 1B3EJ46X4VN721660 1997 DODGE STRATUS  
HA565 B02 1B3EJ46X9WN185127 1998 DODGE STRATUS  
HA716 B03 1B3EJ46X3XN564707 1999 DODGE STRATUS  
HA029 B01 1B3EJ46X91N574942 2001 DODGE STRATUS  
GZ963 B01 1B3EL36X34N417772 2004 DODGE STRATUS  
HA096 B10 1B3EL46R65N703589 2005 DODGE STRATUS  
HA329 B02 1B3EL46X85N559638 2005 DODGE STRATUS  
HA606 B03 1B3EL46R16N198160 2006 DODGE STRATUS  
GZ034 B28 1GNFK16R6TJ305394 1996 CHEVROLET SUBCHEV15  
GZ645 B30 1GNFK16R7TJ370397 1996 CHEVROLET SUBCHEV15  
HA350 A21 1GNFK16R8TJ373793 1996 CHEVROLET SUBCHEV15  
GZ625 B29 1GNFK16R9VJ408876 1997 CHEVROLET SUBCHEV15  
GZ952 A22 1GNFK16R1XJ574425 1999 CHEVROLET SUBCHEV15  
HA246 A23 1G8GK26M2FF119439 1985 CHEVROLET SUBCHEV20  
HA457 A21 1G8GC26W8FF207572 1985 CHEVROLET SUBCHEV20  
GT622 A28 3GNEC16T5YG227865 2000 CHEVROLET SUBURBN15  
GZ541 B28 3GNFK16T51G198574 2001 CHEVROLET SUBURBN15  
GZ642 B30 3GNFK16T02G213595 2002 CHEVROLET SUBURBN15  
GX189 A25 1G2JB54H5R7561282 1994 PONTIAC SUNBIRD  
GZ708 B32 1G2JB1241S7529895 1995 PONTIAC SUNFIRE  
GZ901 A18 1G2JB1244V7610829 1997 PONTIAC SUNFIRE  
HA859 A26 3G2JB12F65S215621 2005 PONTIAC SUNFIRE  
HA147 A13 2S2AC35S3P6601191 1993 SUZUKI SWIFT  
GW699 A11 4TANL42NXXZ481602 1999 TOYOTA TACOMA  
GZ659 B32 1GNEK13R8VJ354938 1997 CHEVROLET TAHOE  
HA526 A22 1GNEK13R3XJ479512 1999 CHEVROLET TAHOE  
GV728 A06 4E3AL54F1SE003172 1995 EAGLE TALON  
HA359 B22 1FACP5343MG131284 1991 FORD TAURUS  
HA490 B23 1FACP52U7NG272183 1992 FORD TAURUS  
HA789 B13 1FALP5242PG332499 1993 FORD TAURUS  
HA194 B20 1FALP5247PG132976 1993 FORD TAURUS  
HA930 B15 1FACP52U8PG318204 1993 FORD TAURUS  
HA539 B23 1FALP52U9RG232581 1994 FORD TAURUS  
GY993 B11 1FALP52UXRG233481 1994 FORD TAURUS  
HA854 B13 1FALP52U1SG112330 1995 FORD TAURUS  
HA832 B13 1FALP52U8TG237553 1996 FORD TAURUS  
HA580 B24 1FALP52U1TG196666 1996 FORD TAURUS  
HA977 B16 1FAFP52U0XG255001 1999 FORD TAURUS  
HA518 B24 1FAFP53S8XG106669 1999 FORD TAURUS  
CBA4 B12 1FAFP54N8XA230758 1999 FORD TAURUS  
HA491 B23 1FAFP53SXXG233262 1999 FORD TAURUS  
HA782 B13 1FAFP54N3XA214404 1999 FORD TAURUS  
HA726 B13 1FAHP58U81G195301 2001 FORD TAURUS  
GZ672 B11 1FAFP55U41G102155 2001 FORD TAURUS  
HA163 B19 1FAFP55281G242420 2001 FORD TAURUS  
HA604 B11 1FAFP55U02G143951 2002 FORD TAURUS  
HA162 B19 1FAFP55U22G173856 2002 FORD TAURUS  
HA434 B22 1FAFP53U32G179975 2002 FORD TAURUS  
HA061 B18 1FAFP55212A210459 2002 FORD TAURUS  
HA376 B22 1FAFP55212G233088 2002 FORD TAURUS  
HA672 B11 1FAFP53U03A252840 2003 FORD TAURUS  
HA795 B13 1FAFP552X3G227677 2003 FORD TAURUS  
HA693 B12 1FAFP55283G199314 2003 FORD TAURUS  
HA370 B21 1FAFP53283A200306 2003 FORD TAURUS  
HA412 B21 1FAHP56S33A228664 2003 FORD TAURUS  
GW853 B15 1FAHP56S03A159240 2003 FORD TAURUS  
HA515 B23 1FAFP53U34A102691 2004 FORD TAURUS  
HA664 B12 1FAFP532X5A192227 2005 FORD TAURUS  
HA048 B22 1FAFP56U27A146648 2007 FORD TAURUS  
HA042 B25 1FAHP27W28G157509 2008 FORD TAURUS  
GY361 A30 CE331Z639808 1971 CHEVROLET TCHEV10  
HA679 A27 CCV144Z159907 1974 CHEVROLET TCHEV10  
GX660 A25 CCZ145F433398 1975 CHEVROLET TCHEV10  
GZ825 A17 CCD448Z157791 1978 CHEVROLET TCHEV10  
BYH2 B26 2GCEK19K4K1240623 1989 CHEVROLET TCHEV1500  
GZ513 B29 2GCEC14HXL1206583 1990 CHEVROLET TCHEV1500  
GV752 A25 1GCDK14Z5LE207730 1990 CHEVROLET TCHEV1500  
GX282 A22 1GCEK14Z9ME204674 1991 CHEVROLET TCHEV1500  
HA566 A23 2GCEC19H6R1221292 1994 CHEVROLET TCHEV1500  
GZ517 B28 1GBEK19K4RE253756 1994 CHEVROLET TCHEV1500  
BPV4 A20 1GCEC14W1VZ216427 1997 CHEVROLET TCHEV1500  
GZ586 A28 1GCEK19R9XR107013 1999 CHEVROLET TCHEV1500  
GZ425 A22 2GCFK29K8J1265498 1988 CHEVROLET TCHEV2500  
HA389 A21 1GCFC24KXJE137203 1988 CHEVROLET TCHEV2500  
HA929 A28 1GCGK24K9KE247247 1989 CHEVROLET TCHEV2500  
HA484 A25 1GCFC24R9TZ175448 1996 CHEVROLET TCHEV2500  
HA719 A25 2GCHC39NXJ1226076 1988 CHEVROLET TCHEV3500  
GZ890 A12 JN6MD06S8BW023960 1981 DATSUN - NISSAN TDATSUN  
GZ773 B08 D31BE8S261722 1978 DODGE TDOD100  
HA286 B10 1B7KD24W8GS009325 1986 DODGE TDOD250  
HA284 B01 1B7HD24TXHS323639 1987 DODGE TDOD250  
GZ519 B07 3B7HF13Z1TG192532 1996 DODGE TDODR1500  
GZ865 B09 3B7HF13Z4TG114486 1996 DODGE TDODR1500  
BJJ5 B07 1B7HF13Z8VJ604821 1997 DODGE TDODR1500  
HA621 B25 2FABP23X5FB164933 1985 FORD TEMPO  
GZ093 B18 1FAPP31X0KK166393 1989 FORD TEMPO  
HA076 A12 JT2AL25G3B2229110 1981 TOYOTA TERCEL  
GZ695 B23 F25YRD12623 1968 FORD TFORD100  
GV055 A21 F25JRT42019 1974 FORD TFORD100  
GZ562 B17 F25MRA32904 1976 FORD TFORD100  
HA557 B25 F14HRX85488 1977 FORD TFORD100  
GW453 B12 1FTDX18WXVKB56215 1997 FORD TFORD150  
HA202 B21 1FTZF1729WKB08164 1998 FORD TFORD150  
HA267 B20 F25YPC50194 1976 FORD TFORD250  
GZ037 A30 1FTHX26L6GKA26533 1986 FORD TFORD250  
GZ630 B30 2GTEC19K8J1547966 1988 GMC TGMC1500  
HA366 A21 2GTEK19HXP1554076 1993 GMC TGMC1500  
GZ512 B28 1GTDC14Z8RZ556105 1994 GMC TGMC1500  
HA887 B26 1GTEC14HXSZ540148 1995 GMC TGMC1500  
GZ577 B30 1GTEC14K7SZ540538 1995 GMC TGMC1500  
HA871 B14 1FAPP6043LH211480 1990 FORD THUNDERBI  
GZ274 B11 1FALP62W6SH206009 1995 FORD THUNDERBI  
HA517 B24 1FALP62W3TH138611 1996 FORD THUNDERBI  
HA631 A05 19UUA5657XA047076 1999 ACURA TL  
GZ944 A12 JM2UC1210E0817959 1984 MAZDA TMAZB2200  
HA152 A03 1N6SD11SXPC437741 1993 DATSUN - NISSAN TNISSAN  
HA079 A12 1N6HD16Y6PC338342 1993 DATSUN - NISSAN TNISSAN  
GZ824 B17 1LNLM82W4SY671625 1995 LINCOLN TOWN CAR  
GZ793 B08 2C8GP44322R601164 2002 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
GZ507 B07 2C4GP44332R519011 2002 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
HA863 B05 2C8GT64L82R657875 2002 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
GW725 B04 2C4GP54L22R796397 2002 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
GZ834 B01 2C8GP64L42R646800 2002 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
HA682 B04 2C4GT54L93R141974 2003 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
GZ932 B09 2A4GP54L96R886940 2006 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
HA873 B05 2A4GP54L97R223871 2007 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
HA279 B20 3MABM1152JR682071 1988 MERCURY TRACER  
HA513 A22 1GNET16S846153103 2004 CHEVROLET TRAILBEXT  
GV729 A24 1GNDS13S322172584 2002 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZ  
HA905 A27 1GNDT13S142313216 2004 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZ  
HA820 A26 1GNDT13S662131045 2006 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZ  
GU646 A12 4F2YU08161KM64825 2001 MAZDA TRIBUTE  
HA155 A02 4F2YU08191KM47131 2001 MAZDA TRIBUTE  
GZ009 A10 4F2YU08101KM28046 2001 MAZDA TRIBUTE  
GS557 A12 4F2CZ96198KM29256 2008 MAZDA TRIBUTE NEW
HA139 A12 JACCH58E3K8925099 1989 ISUZU TROOPER  
HA290 A15 JACDJ58V4T7901961 1996 ISUZU TROOPER  
ha277 A14 JACDJ58X627J05647 2002 ISUZU TROOPER  
GN909 A07 RN28160092 1976 TOYOTA TTOYOTA  
GY874 A10 JT4RN55R7G0192007 1986 TOYOTA TTOYOTA  
GZ590 A11 JT4RN50R9H0273051 1987 TOYOTA TTOYOTA  
GX339 A14 JT4RN81R4L5054543 1990 TOYOTA TTOYOTA  
HA822 A08 JT4VN13D8L0014129 1990 TOYOTA TTOYOTA  
HA159 A14 JT4RN81P7N5139023 1992 TOYOTA TTOYOTA  
HA739 A09 KM8JN12D15U085731 2005 HYUNDAI TUCSON  
HA431 A16 JT3YR26V2F5070770 1985 TOYOTA VANTOYOTA  
GZ484 B32 CGL2574102364 1977 CHEVROLET VCHEV10  
GX017 A30 1GCCP32M2E3317892 1984 CHEVROLET VCHEV10  
GZ552 B08 B21BE8X156565 1978 DODGE VDOD100  
GZ706 B08 2B4HB25Y7KK395381 1989 DODGE VDOD150  
GZ753 B07 2B7HB21Y8VK526637 1997 DODGE VDOD1500  
GZ782 A17 1GNDX03E5VD277917 1997 CHEVROLET VENTURE  
HA226 B21 E34GHT45744 1974 FORD VFORD100  
GQ479 A30 E38HHEG1721 1979 FORD VFORD100  
HA452 B23 1FTDE14F5EHA71310 1984 FORD VFORD150  
HA588 B14 1FTJE34L9GHA05592 1986 FORD VFORD150  
HA644 B12 1FTEE1428VHA35032 1997 FORD VFORD150  
HA049 B18 1FTSS34L2WHA89170 1998 FORD VFORD150  
HA168 B19 1FTRE14W1YHB00473 2000 FORD VFORD150  
GZ805 B23 1FTHE24H1SHB97748 1995 FORD VFORD250  
HA373 B22 1FTNE2424WHB33045 1998 FORD VFORD250  
GZ192 B15 1FTNE24L13HA46837 2003 FORD VFORD250  
HA874 A27 5Y2SL628X4Z461486 2004 PONTIAC VIBE  
GZ863 B23 4M2DV11W5TDJ40435 1996 MERCURY VILLAGER  
HA668 B12 4M2XV11T6XDJ42669 1999 MERCURY VILLAGER  
HA805 B06 1P7FH54R4LX149806 1990 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER  
HA851 B05 1P4GH54R5RX197826 1994 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER  
HA174 B01 1P4GP45G8WB581411 1998 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER  
CHH2 B04 1C4GJ25G81B111964 2001 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER  
GZ837 A17 5GZCZ43D84S833305 2004 SATURN VUE  
GZ608 B31 5GZCZ63404S819927 2004 SATURN VUE  
CK351 A28 5GZCZ23D26S883446 2006 SATURN VUE  
GS131 A28 5GZCZ63406S814584 2006 SATURN VUE  
CHH7 B18 2FMDA5146VBC80523 1997 FORD WINDSTAR  
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