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Stock Ticket
HG609 A03 YV1AX8848F1108742 1985 VOLVO 240  
HG253 A03 YV1AX8845G1158127 1986 VOLVO 240  
HJ138 A14 VC26469A1088820 1980 VOLVO 264  
HH772 A09 WDBEA30D5NB730147 1992 MERCEDES 300E  
HH509 B08 2C3HE66G4YH264636 2000 CHRYSLER 300M  
HH098 B05 2C3HE66G3YH233121 2000 CHRYSLER 300M  
HE576 A07 JT3VN39W0R0143693 1994 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER  
HH858 A10 WDBGA43E4PA101555 1993 MERCEDES 400E  
HH258 A16 WDBFA66E1NF052446 1992 MERCEDES 500E  
HH606 A08 WBADD632XVBW25245 1997 BMW 528I  
HC595 A12 WDBCA45D7JA382826 1988 MERCEDES 560SEC  
HH706 B09 1C3XC66R1LD884711 1990 CHRYSLER 5TH AVE  
HH629 B08 1C3XC66R7LD882090 1990 CHRYSLER 5TH AVE  
HJ039 B01 1C3XY66RXLD729639 1990 CHRYSLER 5TH AVE  
HH912 B10 1C3XY66R0MD209032 1991 CHRYSLER 5TH AVE  
HF162 B04 1C3XY66R4MD142631 1991 CHRYSLER 5TH AVE  
HH046 A22 1G2AG51W9HT239884 1987 PONTIAC 6000  
HJ183 A15 JM1GD2215K1703188 1989 MAZDA 626  
HH960 A11 1YVGF22D6X5817067 1999 MAZDA 626  
HH950 A10 1YVGF22CX15222494 2001 MAZDA 626  
HH665 A07 1YVGF22C415240148 2001 MAZDA 626  
HH905 A10 JN6ND06Y4FW013103 1985 DATSUN - NISSAN 720  
HJ326 A03 JN6HD11SXGW000525 1986 DATSUN - NISSAN 720  
HG562 A04 YV1LS5546V2394982 1997 VOLVO 850  
HH636 A26 1G3HN53L6N1812086 1992 OLDMOBILE 88 ROYALE  
HH038 A22 1G3HN52K8T4828004 1996 OLDMOBILE 88 ROYALE  
HG599 A20 1G3HN52K1V4848260 1997 OLDMOBILE 88 ROYALE  
HH817 A10 YS3DF78N1W7004205 1998 SAAB 900  
HH803 A10 9247210262 1977 PORSCHE 924  
HH923 A14 YS3EF48E7X3020971 1999 SAAB 9-5  
HJ297 A02 YS3EF48E3X3071092 1999 SAAB 9-5  
HJ139 A16 WAUED68DXWA002939 1998 AUDI A4 AUDI  
HH721 A02 WAUJC68E33A400953 2003 AUDI A4 AUDI  
HH967 A11 WAULC68E83A373953 2003 AUDI A4 AUDI  
HG881 A02 WAUBA34BXWN089975 1998 AUDI A6 AUDI  
HF789 A02 WAUED54B5YN091426 2000 AUDI A6 AUDI  
HH579 A26 1GKEV33748J218213 2008 GMC ACADIA  
HJ182 A15 KMHCF35G2YU034136 2000 HYUNDAI ACCENT  
HJ068 A12 KMHCG45C05U658299 2005 HYUNDAI ACCENT  
HH776 B09 1P3BA46K0KF419584 1989 CHRYSLER ACCLAIM  
HH686 A07 JHMAD7321FC009049 1985 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ337 A04 1HGCA564TJA103088 1988 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ175 A14 1HGCA553XJA110285 1988 HONDA ACCORD  
HH922 A10 JHMCB7653LC032297 1990 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ044 A11 JHMCB7659LC813180 1990 HONDA ACCORD  
HH663 A07 JHMCB7558LC079696 1990 HONDA ACCORD  
HH907 A10 1HGCB7150MA019188 1991 HONDA ACCORD  
HH263 A04 1HGCB7658NA089130 1992 HONDA ACCORD  
HC574 A12 JHMCB7550NC019284 1992 HONDA ACCORD  
HH587 A10 1HGCB7697PA184364 1993 HONDA ACCORD  
HH670 A09 1HGCD5659RA135469 1994 HONDA ACCORD  
HH727 A08 1HGCD5638RA195256 1994 HONDA ACCORD  
HH688 A09 1HGCD5657RA135471 1994 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ165 A15 1HGCD5637SA809431 1995 HONDA ACCORD  
HH566 A11 1HGCD5662SA116292 1995 HONDA ACCORD  
HH864 A13 JHMCD5666SC029545 1995 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ232 A15 1HGCD5633TA059785 1996 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ208 A15 1HGCD5638TA134819 1996 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ290 A02 1HGCE6678TA001516 1996 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ136 A14 1HGCD7202VA025136 1997 HONDA ACCORD  
HH792 A09 1HGCD5630VA130427 1997 HONDA ACCORD  
HG148 A04 1HGCG5553WA002517 1998 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ027 A12 1HGCG564XWA155725 1998 HONDA ACCORD  
HH818 A09 1HGCG2253WA801491 1998 HONDA ACCORD  
HH712 A07 1HGCG1659WA034699 1998 HONDA ACCORD  
HH802 A09 JHMCG5644XC057566 1999 HONDA ACCORD  
HH394 A04 1HGCG5645YA000258 2000 HONDA ACCORD  
HH937 A11 JHMCG56431C005773 2001 HONDA ACCORD  
HH813 A09 1HGCF86642A087759 2002 HONDA ACCORD  
HJ081 A13 1HGCM66503A098969 2003 HONDA ACCORD  
HH522 A25 1G3NL553XRM050343 1994 OLDMOBILE ACHIEVA  
HH951 B29 1G3NL55M2SM348187 1995 OLDMOBILE ACHIEVA  
HJ249 A15 JS2RA41S225109356 2002 SUZUKI AERIO  
HH499 B14 1FMDA31U0KZC33887 1989 FORD AEROSTAR  
HG893 A21 1FMDA11U3NZB00856 1992 FORD AEROSTAR  
HJ084 B20 1FMDA11U2NZB22119 1992 FORD AEROSTAR  
HC621 B22 1FMDA41X2NZA19925 1992 FORD AEROSTAR  
HH158 B13 1FMDA41X3VZB10878 1997 FORD AEROSTAR  
HH369 A24 1G3NL52E3XC377899 1999 OLDMOBILE ALERO  
HJ064 B30 1G3NL52T51C246589 2001 OLDMOBILE ALERO  
HG869 A20 1G3NL52F92C112566 2002 OLDMOBILE ALERO  
HJ119 B31 1G3NL12E64C220470 2004 OLDMOBILE ALERO  
HG926 A21 1G3NL52E44C207739 2004 OLDMOBILE ALERO  
HJ170 A14 1N4BU31D0SC110988 1995 DATSUN - NISSAN ALTIMA  
HH674 A08 1N4BU31D1TC145475 1996 DATSUN - NISSAN ALTIMA  
HJ056 A02 1N4DL01D0WC198280 1998 DATSUN - NISSAN ALTIMA  
HH560 A08 1N4AL11E22C152851 2002 DATSUN - NISSAN ALTIMA  
HH984 A14 1N4AL11D82C267820 2002 DATSUN - NISSAN ALTIMA  
HJ221 A16 1N4AL11D46N446303 2006 DATSUN - NISSAN ALTIMA  
HH440 B14 KNJLT07H7R6128274 1994 FORD ASPIRE  
HH455 B14 KNJLT06H9S6136304 1995 FORD ASPIRE  
hj053 B29 1GNDM15Z3LB189536 1990 CHEVROLET ASTROVAN  
HH024 A22 1GNEL19W21B132863 2001 CHEVROLET ASTROVAN  
HH422 A17 1GNEL19X22B131688 2002 CHEVROLET ASTROVAN  
HJ014 A17 1G8ZV57798F153455 2008 SATURN AURA  
HH722 A08 4T1BK36B66U154545 2006 TOYOTA AVALON  
HH638 B09 4B3AU42N5XE069904 1999 DODGE AVENGER  
HH551 A25 KL1TD56686B537925 2006 CHEVROLET AVEO  
HG606 A20 KL1TG56627B044301 2007 CHEVROLET AVEO  
HJ188 A17 KL1TD56688B211853 2008 CHEVROLET AVEO  
HH871 A11 JM2UF3113G0621022 1986 MAZDA B2000  
HJ154 A15 JM2UF2111G0550381 1986 MAZDA B2000  
HH437 A04 JM2UF1115G0619888 1986 MAZDA B2000  
HJ075 A12 JM2UF1136J0310245 1988 MAZDA B-2200  
HJ098 A13 JM2UF1130M0111129 1991 MAZDA B-2600  
HH641 A09 JM2UF1139N0282026 1992 MAZDA B-2600  
HJ023 A11 JM2UF4144P0379700 1993 MAZDA B-2600  
HB963 B22 4F4CR16U0RTM42993 1994 MAZDA B3000  
HH512 A01 2520530 1959 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE  
HH997 A04 1352265334 1975 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE  
HG963 A21 1G1LW13T7PY158721 1993 CHEVROLET BERETTA  
HH971 B31 CKY183F160532 1973 CHEVROLET BLAZER  
HH657 A01 1G8EK18H0EF106270 1984 CHEVROLET BLAZER  
HH165 B26 1G8CT18B9F0120835 1985 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HH135 A22 1G8CT18R7G8147385 1986 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HH709 A27 1GNCT18R8J0100644 1988 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HG620 A27 1GNDT13Z3M2156222 1991 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HH983 B28 1GNDT13W8R2169464 1994 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HH330 A24 1GNDT13W5S2240254 1995 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HH562 A26 1GNCT18W7VK169468 1997 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HJ007 B29 1GNDT13W4VK227581 1997 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HG962 A21 1GNDT13W4V2244705 1997 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
hg825 A20 1GKDT13W5V2530012 1997 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HF003 B27 1GNDT13W8V2249003 1997 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
CVS5 B27 1GNDT13W1W2280062 1998 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HG708 A20 1GNDT13W2W2135998 1998 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HH781 A28 1GNDT13W3Y2403878 2000 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HH883 B26 1GNDT13W1YK223007 2000 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HG856 A20 1GNDT13WX12191714 2001 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HG784 A20 1GNCS18W12K173725 2002 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
CVJ8 B28 1GNDT13X13K181214 2003 CHEVROLET BLAZERS10  
HH827 A28 1G2HX52K0T4248681 1996 PONTIAC BONNEVILL  
HJ004 B30 1GHDT13W1Y2380426 2000 OLDMOBILE BRAVADA  
HH169 B11 1FMDU15Y9FLA29882 1985 FORD BRONCO  
HJ083 B21 1FMEU15Y8JLB00695 1988 FORD BRONCO  
HH806 B22 1FMEU15H5KLB09226 1989 FORD BRONCO  
HH118 B11 1FMCU14T2GUC81101 1986 FORD BRONCO II  
HG924 A23 1G4CW53L9N1618428 1992 BUICK BUICK-PRK  
HG822 A20 1G4CW53L9N1643460 1992 BUICK BUICK-PRK  
HJ274 A18 1G4CW52L8RH602512 1994 BUICK BUICK-PRK  
HH647 A26 1G4CU5214R1603945 1994 BUICK BUICK-PRK  
HH164 A22 CCL449J46543 1979 CHEVROLET C10  
HH684 B30 1GTEK24LXFJ517308 1985 GMC C2500  
HE223 A01 1G1AP87K0BL124043 1981 CHEVROLET CAMARO  
HH161 A23 1G1FP87S3FL417057 1985 CHEVROLET CAMARO  
HC605 A18 2G1FP22S1R2189407 1994 CHEVROLET CAMARO  
CWC5 B28 2G1FP22KXX2110085 1999 CHEVROLET CAMARO  
HJ257 A18 2G1FP32K3Y2120190 2000 CHEVROLET CAMARO  
HG870 A12 JT2VV22E5K0084100 1989 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ035 A12 JT2SV22E9L0339206 1990 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH828 A10 JT2SV21W3L0359736 1990 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH372 A04 JT2VV22E1M3019925 1991 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HC655 A02 4T1SK11E1NU112109 1992 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ011 A11 JT2SK13E2N0067229 1992 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ152 A15 4T1SK12E1NU108978 1992 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ141 A15 JT2SK12EXN0080523 1992 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH945 A11 JT2SK12E6P0161814 1993 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ071 A12 4T1SK12EXRU339979 1994 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH749 A08 4T1SK12E3RU453077 1994 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ102 A13 4T1SK12C3SU537761 1995 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH924 A10 JT2BF12K5T0137010 1996 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ206 A14 JT2BF22KXW0125333 1998 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH456 A04 4T1BG22K8WU370169 1998 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HC792 A04 JT2BG22K2W0117675 1998 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH893 A10 JT2BG22K9X0367996 1999 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ114 A13 4T1BG22K2XU560129 1999 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ072 A13 JT2BG22K3X0329275 1999 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ269 A16 JT2BG22K2Y0441504 2000 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HC577 A14 JT2BG22K610574708 2001 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH386 A04 4T1BG22K01U851221 2001 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HJ253 A15 JTDBE32KX30185110 2003 TOYOTA CAMRY  
HH557 B08 2B4FK5133HR290694 1987 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH065 B05 1B4GK54RXNX215878 1992 DODGE CARAVAN  
HJ271 B03 1B4GH44R4PX590807 1993 DODGE CARAVAN  
HJ074 B01 1B4GH44R5PX718410 1993 DODGE CARAVAN  
HJ061 B01 1B4GH44R4RX118920 1994 DODGE CARAVAN  
HJ207 B03 2B4GH2530RR547047 1994 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH630 B08 1B4GH44R0RX144950 1994 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH193 B06 1B4GH54R5SX620623 1995 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH913 B10 2B4GH45R4SR120203 1995 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH114 B05 1B4GP44R5TB338624 1996 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH244 B06 2B4GP4438VR198911 1997 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH497 B08 1B4GP54L5WB718522 1998 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH485 B02 2B4GP45G0WR613979 1998 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH929 B10 1B4GP44R2WB732117 1998 DODGE CARAVAN  
HJ110 B02 2B4GP4431WR798011 1998 DODGE CARAVAN  
HJ226 B03 2B4GP45G0XR411628 1999 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH064 B05 2B4GP44G0XR185088 1999 DODGE CARAVAN  
HJ070 B02 1B4GP44G3XB551608 1999 DODGE CARAVAN  
HH698 B09 2B4GP44G6XR134811 1999 DODGE CARAVAN  
HC688 B03 1B4GT44L5XB605497 1999 DODGE CARAVAN  
HJ192 B03 2B4GP2434YR595394 2000 DODGE CARAVAN  
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