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694BA B09 1FMDA31U2KZC05041 1989 Ford Aerostar  
710AZ B21 1FMDA41X6LZB38137 1990 Ford Aerostar  
001BB B19 1FMDA31U9MZB16263 1991 Ford Aerostar  
089BB B19 1FMDA31X7MZA06385 1991 Ford Aerostar  
143BB B19 1FMCA11U2MZA81405 1991 Ford Aerostar  
506BB B16 1FMCA11U9PZC79855 1993 Ford Aerostar  
715AY B15 1FMDA31X0RZA17493 1994 Ford Aerostar  
285BA B14 KNJLT06H7S6105018 1995 Ford Aspire  
582BA B10 KNJLT05HXT6192089 1996 Ford Aspire  
014BB B19 1FMDU15G2BLA66600 1981 Ford Bronco  
078BB B18 1FMEU15N9NLA98192 1992 Ford Bronco  
191BA B13 1FMCU14S0EUD25116 1984 Ford Bronco 2  
106BA B13 1FMCU14T6GUA91110 1986 Ford Bronco 2  
353AZ B12 1FMCU14T6GUB89649 1986 Ford Bronco 2  
500BA B11 1FMCU14TXHUB88022 1987 Ford Bronco 2  
498BA B10 1FALP653XSK137894 1995 Ford Contour  
860BA B16 1FALP66L8SK125113 1995 Ford Contour  
128BB B19 1FAFP6633WK278419 1998 Ford Contour  
458BA B12 1FAFP66L8WK215333 1998 Ford Contour  
519BA B09 1FALP6533WK114253 1998 Ford Contour  
704BA B22 1FAFP6639WK255159 1998 Ford Contour  
842AZ B14 1FALP6537WK148650 1998 Ford Contour  
255AZ B10 1FAFP66L3XK172862 1999 Ford Contour  
750AZ B22 1FAFP6539XK121710 1999 Ford Contour  
504BB B16 1FAFP6634YK135000 2000 Ford Contour  
177BA B14 JC2UA1213C0600549 1982 Ford Courier  
897BA B20 2FACP74F1LX123382 1990 Ford Crown Victori  
732BA B22 2FALP74W8PX120324 1993 Ford Crown Victori  
316BA B12 2FALP71W3VX188998 1997 Ford Crown Victori  
787BA B21 2FALP74W6VX204669 1997 Ford Crown Victori  
160BA B21 2FAFP74W9XX158268 1999 Ford Crown Victori  
479AZ B12 2FAFP74WXXX220664 1999 Ford Crown Victori  
223BB B16 1FMCU931X5KD85505 2005 Ford Escape  
985AY A07 2FABP0440FB100257 1985 Ford ESCORT  
466BA B11 1FABP3498GW150935 1986 Ford Escort  
505AZ B13 1FABP319XGW224084 1986 Ford Escort  
704AZ B13 1FAPP23J5HW309746 1987 Ford Escort  
822BA B21 1FAPP23J1JW151668 1988 Ford Escort  
004BA B14 1FAPP9099KW356157 1989 Ford Escort  
742BA B22 1FAPP1283NW182516 1992 Ford Escort  
033BB B19 3FAPP15J4PR128114 1993 Ford Escort  
421BB B17 3FAPP15J8PR137396 1993 Ford ESCORT  
395AZ B22 3FARP13J5RR165736 1994 Ford Escort  
697BA B22 3FARP15J3RR114684 1994 Ford Escort  
950BA B20 3FARP15J0RR128767 1994 Ford Escort  
354AZ B22 3FASP15J5SR173940 1995 Ford Escort  
438BA B12 1FASP11J0TW130398 1996 Ford Escort  
475BA B11 3FASP13J2TR104479 1996 Ford Escort  
348BA B12 1FALP13P9VW395023 1997 Ford Escort  
418BB B17 1FALP13P0VW145198 1997 Ford ESCORT  
873BA B20 3FALP15P2VR108329 1997 Ford Escort  
058BB B19 3FAFP15P5WR233890 1998 Ford ESCORT  
088AW B20 1FAFP10P8WW291433 1998 Ford Escort  
117AZ B11 1FAFP13P1WW114511 1998 Ford Escort  
408BB B17 3FAKP1133WR228219 1998 Ford ESCORT  
476BB B16 1FAFP13P4WW148717 1998 Ford ESCORT  
643BA B09 1FAFP13P9WW199226 1998 Ford Escort  
959AZ B14 3FALP1135WR102805 1998 Ford Escort  
013BA B14 1FAFP10P2XW250930 1999 Ford Escort  
121AW B10 1FAFP13PXXW121863 1999 Ford Escort  
281AZ B20 3FAKP1137XR203907 1999 Ford Escort  
559BB B16 3FAKP1134XR167528 1999 Ford ESCORT  
555AZ B10 3FAKP1139YR209550 2000 Ford Escort  
559BA B22 3FAKP1134YR178529 2000 Ford Escort  
258AZ B12 3FAFP11311R204768 2001 Ford Escort  
426BA B10 3FAFP113X1R118939 2001 Ford Escort  
802BA B20 3FAFP11331R197631 2001 Ford Escort  
003BA B13 3FAFP11312R184006 2002 Ford Escort  
493AZ B21 3FAFP13PX2R220730 2002 Ford Escort  
683BA B22 3FAFP11352R117506 2002 Ford Escort  
755BA B21 3FAFP13P22R189263 2002 Ford Escort  
050BB B17 3FAFP11313R141061 2003 Ford ESCORT  
278BA B12 1FMFU18L3VLC19975 1997 Ford Expedition  
015BA B14 1FMPU18L4XLB62175 1999 Ford Expedition  
849BA B21 1FMPU18L1XLB12866 1999 Ford Expedition  
901AZ B20 1FMPU18L7XLB23371 1999 Ford Expedition  
537BA B09 1FMPU16WX3LB96287 2003 Ford Expedition  
398BA B12 1FMDU34X6MUD74427 1991 Ford Explorer  
792BA B20 1FMDU34X7MUB36781 1991 Ford Explorer  
855BA B21 1FMDU34X7MUA07973 1991 Ford Explorer  
365BB B17 1FMDU34X1NUB90059 1992 Ford Explorer  
380AZ B18 1FMDU34X9NUB75549 1992 Ford Explorer  
224BA B12 1FMDU34X3PUB02826 1993 Ford Explorer  
365BA B11 1FMDU34X1PUC28652 1993 Ford Explorer  
978BA B18 1FMDU34X1PUA37653 1993 Ford Explorer  
025BB B19 1FMDU34X3RUA61438 1994 Ford Explorer  
107BB B19 1FMDU34XXRUB89630 1994 Ford Explorer  
176BA B14 1FMCU24X3RUE59450 1994 Ford Explorer  
223BA B20 1FMDU34X9RUD32048 1994 Ford Explorer  
312BA B12 1FMCU24X6RUB70305 1994 Ford Explorer  
777AY B18 1FMDU34X9RUC26053 1994 Ford Explorer  
831BA B21 1FMDU34X6RUE78052 1994 Ford Explorer  
971AZ B14 1FMCU24X6RUB78162 1994 Ford Explorer  
499AZ B12 1FMDU24X0SUA62112 1995 Ford Explorer  
881BA B20 1FMDU34X5SUB02965 1995 Ford Explorer  
966AZ B14 1FMDU32X0SZB45762 1995 Ford Explorer  
010BB B19 1FMDU34X0TUC41855 1996 Ford Explorer  
190BA B13 1FMDU35P3TUD48199 1996 Ford Explorer  
389AZ B22 1FMDU34X0TZA64680 1996 Ford Explorer  
445BB B17 1FMDU34X5TUB89641 1996 Ford Explorer  
635BA B09 1FMDU34X7TUA12797 1996 Ford Explorer  
806BA B20 1FMDU34X4TUB64181 1996 Ford Explorer  
032BB B18 1FMDU35P0VUB57794 1997 Ford Explorer  
086BA B13 1FMDU32PXVUA31561 1997 Ford Explorer  
207BA B13 1FMDU35P5VZA53319 1997 Ford Explorer  
283BB B18 1FMDU34E5VZB18766 1997 Ford Explorer  
360AV B10 1FMDU35P0VUB22687 1997 Ford Explorer  
369BB B17 1FMDU34X9VZB30209 1997 Ford Explorer  
536BA B10 1FMCU24X0VUA90900 1997 Ford Explorer  
564BB A20 1FMDU34XXVUB26036 1997 Ford Explorer  
800BA B21 1FMDU34X7VUC53116 1997 Ford Explorer  
811BA B21 1FMDU34E6VZC11926 1997 Ford Explorer  
038AY B12 1FMZU34E3WZB45178 1998 Ford Explorer  
382BA B11 1FMZU34E5WZA81323 1998 Ford Explorer  
480BB B16 1FMZU35P9WUB64928 1998 Ford Explorer  
726AZ B22 1FMZU34EXWZB72636 1998 Ford Explorer  
051BA B13 1FMZU34E5XUA20701 1999 Ford Explorer  
075BA B21 1FMZU35P0XZB86787 1999 Ford Explorer  
724BA B22 1FMZU34EXXZA26819 1999 Ford Explorer  
382BB B17 1FMZU73E5YZA08447 2000 Ford Explorer  
833AX B11 1FMZU73E7YZA36055 2000 Ford Explorer  
185BB B18 1FMYU60E02UB69996 2002 Ford Explorer  
069BA B13 1FMZU74E23UB43177 2003 Ford Explorer  
241BB B16 1FMZU63K73ZA73504 2003 Ford Explorer  
528BA B09 1FMZU74E93UC44653 2003 Ford Explorer  
662BA B09 8K94T115909 1978 Ford Fairmont  
389BA A01 1K12S147663 1963 Ford Falcon  
964BA B19 KNJBT07K0J6169230 1988 Ford Festiva  
346BA B12 KNJPT06H1P6119621 1993 Ford Festiva  
434AZ B11 3FAFP3138YR200626 2000 Ford Focus  
681BA B09 1FAFP36P7YW209973 2000 Ford Focus  
110BB B19 1FAHP38331W120376 2001 Ford Focus  
384BA B09 1FAFP34PX1W277404 2001 Ford Focus  
940AY B11 1FAFP33P82W103625 2001 Ford Focus  
325BB B17 1FAFP34302W146805 2002 Ford Focus  
611AY B20 1FAHP36362W325999 2002 Ford Focus  
712BA B22 1FAFP34382W107332 2002 Ford Focus  
729BA B21 1FAFP33P82W354712 2002 Ford Focus  
046AZ B18 1FAFP33P63W258434 2003 Ford Focus  
049BA B14 1FAFP34N45W245715 2005 Ford Focus  
319AZ B21 1FAFP34N47W111645 2007 Ford Focus  
080BB A02 F10GRH72544 1971 Ford FORD TRUCK  
465BB B16 F37HRT09029 1974 Ford FORD TRUCK  
470BB B16 F10YRU61980 1974 Ford FORD TRUCK  
048BA B13 F15MKA56178 1976 Ford Ford Truck  
657BA A01 F15YRA03432 1976 Ford Ford Truck  
526AZ A01 F10SR002898 1977 Ford FORD TRUCK  
457BB B17 F35HRBH0248 1978 Ford FORD TRUCK  
874BA A02 F25SRBA6662 1978 Ford Ford Truck  
293BA B12 F15FRHG4000 1980 Ford Ford Truck  
786BA B21 1FTCF10E9BRA03183 1981 Ford Ford Truck  
851BA B21 1FTHF26Z6BPA36885 1981 Ford Ford Truck  
040BB B19 1FTEF26F6DPA80008 1983 Ford FORD TRUCK  
684AY B20 1FTHF261XDKA09876 1983 Ford Ford Truck  
012BB B19 2FTDF15Y9ECA17254 1984 Ford FORD TRUCK  
852BA B16 1FTEF14H0EPA86810 1984 Ford Ford Truck  
522BA B10 1FTEX14N0HKB05814 1987 Ford Ford Truck  
419BB B17 1FTEF14N9KPA22945 1989 Ford FORD TRUCK  
484BB B16 1FTHF26H9KPA28884 1989 Ford FORD TRUCK  
016BB B19 1FTEF14Y0LPB07202 1990 Ford FORD TRUCK  
215BB B16 1FTEX14N1LKB27233 1990 Ford FORD TRUCK  
581BB B15 1FTEX15Y0MKA88807 1991 Ford Ford Truck New
219BA B12 1FTEX14H9NKB82347 1992 Ford Ford Truck  
144BB B19 1FTEX14HXPKC03287 1993 Ford FORD TRUCK  
004BB B19 1FTEX14H8SKA43998 1995 Ford Ford Truck  
653BA A01 E16AH846790 1966 Ford Ford Van  
052BA B14 S24HHEB6301 1979 Ford Ford Van  
314BB B17 E21AHDF3945 1979 Ford Ford Van  
396AY B20 1FTHS34E1BHA43335 1981 Ford Ford Van  
085CA B16 1FTFE26Y2FHB16797 1985 Ford Ford Van  
271BA A21 1FTFE24H8JHA76558 1988 Ford FORD VAN  
001BA B14 1FDEE14HXLHB23769 1990 Ford Ford Van  
114BA B12 1FTEE14Y2RHA85418 1994 Ford Ford Van  
273BB B18 1FMEE11N8RHA43468 1994 Ford Ford Van  
053BA B14 1FTPS2424WHA70028 1998 Ford Ford Van  
335BB B17 1FTNS24L41HA17029 2001 Ford Ford Van  
406BA B10 2FMZA52264BA36808 2004 Ford Freestar  
604BA B18 1FMDK06166GA48707 2006 Ford Freestar  
930BA B20 1FABP26B9BG109372 1981 Ford Granada  
737BA B22 1MEBP6642FW628454 1985 Ford Lynx  
942BA B20 1FALP4040VF173076 1997 Ford Mustang  
752BA B21 1FAFP4045WF132344 1998 Ford Mustang  
794AY B20 1ZVPT20C3M5137435 1991 Ford Probe  
340BA B09 1ZVPT21U2N5214563 1992 Ford Probe  
515BA B11 1ZVPT20C4N5207283 1992 Ford Probe  
103BB B18 1ZVCT22B2P5221639 1993 Ford Probe  
079CA B10 1ZVLT20A7R5148295 1994 Ford Probe  
318BA B12 12VLT22B8V5133353 1997 Ford Probe  
830BA A02 8H47H127259 1978 Ford Ranchero  
077BB B19 1FTBR10A8EUB34767 1984 Ford Ranger  
670BA B09 1FTCR10S9EUC73528 1984 Ford Ranger  
309BA B12 1FTBR10C7FUC38363 1985 Ford Ranger  
396BB B17 1FTBR10A4FUD02454 1985 Ford Ranger  
583BB B15 1FTCR11T7GUC91214 1986 Ford Ranger New
796BA B21 1FTBR10T1HUA50523 1987 Ford Ranger  
750BA B21 1FTBR10A7JUC57230 1988 Ford Ranger  
980AZ B14 1FTBR10T2JUC18210 1988 Ford Ranger  
013AW B10 1FTCR10A6LUB95939 1990 Ford Ranger  
770AY B15 1FTCR10A7LUA58985 1990 Ford Ranger  
731BA B22 1FTCR10A9MPA21413 1991 Ford Ranger  
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