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577AN B22 1FMCA11UXHZB68300 1987 Ford Aerostar  
080AN B12 1FMDA41X4LZB34927 1990 Ford Aerostar  
655AN A17 1FMDA21X5LZB35668 1990 Ford Aerostar  
122AP B17 1FMDA11U8NZB45906 1992 Ford Aerostar  
597AN B19 1FMDA41X8NZA48054 1992 Ford Aerostar  
339AP B15 1FMCA11U6PZB98795 1993 Ford Aerostar  
318AP B16 1FMCA11U1RZA61122 1994 Ford Aerostar  
371AP B16 1FMDA41XXRZA01386 1994 Ford Aerostar  
069AP B18 KNJLT05HXR6143564 1994 Ford Aspire  
994AN B17 KNJLT05H8R6121398 1994 Ford Aspire  
837AN B20 KNJLT06H8S6135354 1995 Ford Aspire  
807AN B19 KNJLT05H1T6181384 1996 Ford Aspire  
009AP B17 1FMDU15G2DLA73761 1983 Ford Bronco  
959AN B18 1FMCU14S7FUC78801 1985 Ford Bronco 2  
230AN B22 1FMBU14T3GUC02417 1986 Ford Bronco 2  
514AN B22 1FMCU14T8HUA06995 1987 Ford Bronco II  
850AN B19 1FMCU14T0JUC06727 1988 Ford Bronco II  
237AN B22 1FALP65L8SK176435 1995 Ford Contour  
960AM B12 3FALP653XSM120151 1995 Ford Contour  
096AP B15 1FALP6534TK191189 1996 Ford Contour  
363AP B16 1FALP6532VK120799 1997 Ford Contour  
464AP B14 1FAFP6631WK280170 1998 Ford Contour New
989AM B18 1FAFP6633WK304940 1998 Ford Contour  
235AP A05 SGTATD88557 1978 Ford Courier  
501AN B21 2FABP79F3HX137392 1987 Ford Crown Victori  
998AN B17 2FABP71F5HX231530 1987 Ford Crown Victori  
237AP B16 2FABP74F3KX198174 1989 Ford Crown Victori  
806AM B11 2FALP74W6SX138409 1995 Ford Crown Victori  
119AP B18 2FALP73WXTX112768 1996 Ford Crown Victori  
020AP B18 2FAFP71WXWX126254 1998 Ford Crown Victori  
023AP B17 2FAFP71WXWX165099 1998 Ford Crown Victori  
025AN B12 2FAFP74W6WX184485 1998 Ford Crown Victori  
309AP B16 2FAFP71W2YX180506 2000 Ford Crown Victori  
810AM B20 1FMYU02191KE88461 2001 Ford Escape  
517AN B09 1FAPP9092KW336171 1989 Ford Escort  
943AN B18 1FAPP93J8LW106772 1990 Ford Escort  
226AP B16 1FAPP14J9MW369578 1991 Ford Escort  
571AN B22 3FAPP11J8MR107199 1991 Ford Escort  
817AN B19 1FAPP14J3NW152206 1992 Ford Escort  
095AP B17 1FAPP15JXPW371746 1993 Ford Escort  
108AP B18 1FAPP15J4PW391734 1993 Ford Escort  
224AP B16 1FAPP15J6PW398961 1993 Ford Escort  
785AN B19 3FAPP15J7PR154979 1993 Ford Escort  
980AM B17 3FASP13J0SR199526 1995 Ford Escort  
230AP B16 3FASP13J8SR187382 1995 Ford Escort  
440AN B09 1FASP14J7SW250788 1995 Ford Escort  
741AM B21 1FASP11J3SW333882 1995 Ford Escort  
865AN B19 3FASP11J6TR100423 1996 Ford Escort  
312AN B18 1FASP11J5TW179919 1996 Ford Escort  
459AN B09 3FASP13J7TR117745 1996 Ford Escort  
754AM B10 1FALP13P1VW358662 1997 Ford Escort  
162AN B11 1FALP13PXVW256776 1997 Ford Escort  
265AN B10 3FALP15P8VR120484 1997 Ford Escort  
298AP B16 3FALP15P6VR114313 1997 Ford Escort  
689AN B20 3FALP15P2VR107519 1997 Ford Escort  
937AM B12 3FAKP1131WR273479 1998 Ford Escort  
385AN B09 3FALP1135WR144634 1998 Ford Escort  
190AN B11 1FAFP10P9WW211556 1998 Ford Escort  
010AP B17 1FAFP10P7WW262716 1998 Ford Escort  
117AN B12 1FAFP10P8XW177773 1999 Ford Escort  
720AN B21 1FAFP10P4XW244286 1999 Ford Escort  
797AN B19 3FAKP1137XR160492 1999 Ford Escort  
451AN B09 3FAFP13P21R235026 2001 Ford Escort  
674AM B22 3FAFP11381R173339 2001 Ford Escort  
259AN B10 3FAFP13P31R137669 2001 Ford Escort  
073AN B12 3FAFP11301R170239 2001 Ford Escort  
911AM B12 1FMPU18LXWLB34590 1998 Ford Expedition  
221AP B15 1FMPU18L9XLC53703 1999 Ford Expedition  
439AP B14 1FMPU18L1XLA03033 1999 Ford Expedition New
867AM B11 1FMPU18L8XLA43139 1999 Ford Expedition  
080AP B18 1FMEU15W42LA79134 2002 Ford Expedition  
357AN B10 1FMDU34X4MUA16274 1991 Ford Explorer  
456AN B09 1FMDU34X6NUD63171 1991 Ford Explorer  
484AN B22 1FMDU34X1MUC84036 1991 Ford Explorer  
146AN B11 1FMCU34X1MUD57112 1991 Ford Explorer  
153AN B11 1FMDU34XXMUA29059 1991 Ford Explorer  
140AP B16 1FMDU34X1MUA96195 1991 Ford Explorer  
015AN B09 1FMCU22X2NUB01107 1991 Ford Explorer  
734AN B17 1FMDU34X4MUD24156 1991 Ford Explorer  
464AN B09 1FMDU34XXNUB55620 1992 Ford Explorer  
854AJ B15 1FMDU34X6NUA58981 1992 Ford Explorer  
814AM B21 1FMDU34XXNUB82171 1992 Ford Explorer  
522AN B09 1FMDU34X1NUC63690 1992 Ford Explorer  
392AN B21 1FMDU34X1NUB88229 1992 Ford Explorer  
029AN B11 1FMDU34XXNUC16156 1992 Ford Explorer  
567AN B22 1FMDU34X2NUA60369 1992 Ford Explorer  
328AP B16 1FMDU34XXPUA93266 1993 Ford Explorer  
384AP B15 1FMDU34X4PUA59226 1993 Ford Explorer  
897AM B12 1FMDU34X9PUC95273 1993 Ford Explorer  
694AN B20 1FMDU34X9PUA38534 1993 Ford Explorer  
408AP B15 1FMCU22X4PUD69501 1993 Ford Explorer  
285AP B16 1FMDU34X6PUB52023 1993 Ford Explorer  
252AP B16 1FMDU34X9PUB54462 1993 Ford Explorer  
201AP B15 1FMDU34XXRUE46172 1993 Ford Explorer  
107AL B09 1FMCU22X3PUA13038 1993 Ford Explorer  
017AP B17 1FMDU34X2PUC83014 1993 Ford Explorer  
315AN B10 1FMDU34X1PUA10923 1993 Ford Explorer  
463AN B22 1FMDU34X4PUA45133 1993 Ford Explorer  
007AP B17 1FMDU34XXRUC48241 1994 Ford Explorer  
576AN B15 1FMDU34X6RUD03915 1994 Ford Explorer  
775AJ B18 1FMDU34X8RUE67280 1994 Ford Explorer  
813AN B19 1FMCU24XXRUE54813 1994 Ford Explorer  
054AP B18 1FMDU34X0SUB35923 1995 Ford Explorer  
397AN B09 1FMDU34X8SZA73738 1995 Ford Explorer  
346AN B10 1FMDU34XXSUA24490 1995 Ford Explorer  
105AN B22 1FMDU34X3SZB34638 1995 Ford Explorer  
345AN B21 1FMDU34X0SUA45493 1995 Ford Explorer  
553AN B22 1FMDU34X6TZB84273 1996 Ford Explorer  
756AN B20 1FMDU34X8TUA22674 1996 Ford Explorer  
766AN B20 1FMDU32X1TUA75574 1996 Ford Explorer  
792AM B11 1FMDU34E0VZB35717 1997 Ford Explorer  
434AN B09 1FMDU34X8VZB12252 1997 Ford Explorer  
619AN B18 1FMDU32E7VZA85384 1997 Ford Explorer  
647AN B20 1FMDU34E8VZC30431 1997 Ford Explorer  
728AN B20 1FMZU34E0WZA73713 1998 Ford Explorer  
458AP B14 1FMYU24X8WUB59890 1998 Ford Explorer New
031AN B11 1FMZU34X1WZB48372 1998 Ford Explorer  
634AN B20 1FMZU34E8XZB19483 1999 Ford Explorer  
666AM B11 1FMZU34E2XZA22098 1999 Ford Explorer  
702AN B17 1FMZU34E2XZA94869 1999 Ford Explorer  
731AN B20 1FMZU34X5XUB61933 1999 Ford Explorer  
667AN B18 1FMZU73E6YZB55392 2000 Ford Explorer  
707AN B17 1FMDU72E5YZC48433 2000 Ford Explorer  
854AN B20 1FMYU60E9YUA72966 2000 Ford Explorer  
406AP B16 KNJPT06H8M6142552 1991 Ford Festiva  
389AN A10 GCFBUY63867 1978 Ford Fiesta  
292AN B10 1FAFP36P2YW205054 2000 Ford Focus  
103AP B18 1FAFP33P1YW230158 2000 Ford Focus  
185AN B22 1FAFP33P31W331093 2001 Ford Focus  
201AN B09 1FAFP36301W343632 2001 Ford Focus  
238AN B22 3FAFP31331R186804 2001 Ford Focus  
672AN B21 1FAFP33PX1W225823 2001 Ford Focus  
693AN B20 1FAFP38Z83W307000 2003 Ford Focus  
285AN B10 1FAHP31N57W136941 2007 Ford Focus  
744AM B19 F10JD401307 1963 Ford Ford Truck  
131AN B18 F10YRD33207 1968 Ford Ford Truck  
404AN B09 F25YRR48150 1973 Ford Ford Truck  
071AP B17 F15YRA80019 1976 Ford Ford Truck  
353AP B16 F15JRA75652 1976 Ford Ford Truck  
580AN B20 F26YLC87671 1976 Ford Ford Truck  
827AM B10 F26YRC54423 1976 Ford Ford Truck  
251AN B10 F25SRBJ2658 1978 Ford Ford Truck  
457AP B14 F15HLCG0667 1978 Ford Ford Truck  
574AN B15 F25EKJJ1492 1980 Ford Ford Truck  
245AN B09 1FTDF15E6BRA20441 1981 Ford Ford Truck  
739AN B20 1FTHF26G3BRA33624 1981 Ford Ford Truck  
930AM B12 1FTFF26E3BPA49520 1981 Ford Ford Truck  
407AN B21 1FTEF14Y1DRA27560 1983 Ford Ford Truck  
985AM B17 2FTCF15Y3ECA00913 1983 Ford Ford Truck  
311AP B15 1FTEF26G7EPB02012 1984 Ford Ford Truck  
322AP B16 1FTEF14H7EPB25120 1984 Ford Ford Truck  
654AN B19 2FTCF15Y0ECA19650 1984 Ford Ford Truck  
714AJ B22 1FDHF381XFPB38298 1985 Ford Ford Truck  
452AL B11 1FTDF15Y5FPA77046 1985 Ford Ford Truck  
705AM B22 1FTHX26L8FKB01344 1985 Ford Ford Truck  
162AP B15 1FTHF2615GPB07219 1986 Ford Ford Truck  
469AP B14 1FTHX26L8GKA89245 1986 Ford Ford Truck  
417AN B09 1FTCF15NXHLA71545 1987 Ford Ford Truck  
520AP B15 1FTHX26G7JKA25515 1988 Ford Ford Truck  
849AN B20 1FTEF15Y7JKB65509 1988 Ford Ford Truck  
018AP B18 1FTHF25Y0KNA61821 1989 Ford Ford Truck  
032AN B11 1FTEF14YAKPB50410 1989 Ford Ford Truck  
072AP B18 1FTEX14NXKKA86034 1989 Ford Ford Truck  
009AN B12 1FTEX14N8LKA15657 1990 Ford Ford Truck  
010AN B22 1FTEF14N9LPA58510 1990 Ford Ford Truck  
402AM B22 1FTEF14N1MNA75752 1991 Ford Ford Truck  
704AM B22 1FTEF14N9MLA11101 1991 Ford Ford Truck  
913AN B19 1FTCR15X1MPA97446 1991 Ford Ford Truck  
278AN B21 1FTEX14N4MKA32621 1991 Ford Ford Truck  
019AN B12 1FTEX14N2NKA09596 1992 Ford Ford Truck  
641AN B19 2FTHF26G4NCA48876 1992 Ford Ford Truck  
710AN B17 1FTEF14N5NLA47885 1992 Ford Ford Truck  
973AL B14 1FTDF15Y1PNB35604 1993 Ford Ford Truck  
388AN B09 1FTHX26H1PKB06544 1993 Ford Ford Truck  
910AN B18 1FTEX15Y7RKB65647 1994 Ford Ford Truck  
599AN B19 1FTEX14N8RKB66121 1994 Ford Ford Truck  
047AP B18 1FTEF15Y4SNB47050 1995 Ford Ford Truck  
478AN B16 1FTRX18L1XKA70760 1999 Ford Ford Truck  
906AM B12 E24GHJ36173 1970 Ford Ford Van  
003AN B12 E14HBFE3972 1979 Ford Ford Van  
004AM B19 1FBJS31G0BHA84194 1981 Ford Ford Van  
951AM B10 1FDEE14F8FHC43346 1985 Ford Ford Van  
233AP B16 1FDEE14F1FHB48028 1985 Ford Ford Van  
116AN B12 1FTFE24Y0JHA02647 1988 Ford Ford Van  
917AN B17 1FDEE14Y0RHA18697 1993 Ford Ford Van  
206AN B10 1FDEE14H2SHB37549 1995 Ford Ford Van  
316AM B19 5R10Y148551 1975 Ford PINTO  
740AN B20 1ZVBT22L0K5222253 1989 Ford Probe  
323AN B10 1ZVCT22B9P5204191 1993 Ford Probe  
637AN B21 1ZVCT20A4P5111704 1993 Ford Probe  
869AN B19 1ZVLT20A4S5129354 1995 Ford Probe  
937AL B10 1FTCR10A9DUA72556 1982 Ford Ranger  
703AN B22 1FTCR11A1DUB60032 1983 Ford Ranger  
313AN B10 1FTBR10A4EUB34782 1984 Ford Ranger  
239AN B22 1FTBR10A0EUB27019 1984 Ford Ranger  
554AN B21 1FTBR10S1FUA19423 1985 Ford Ranger  
812AM B11 1FTBR10C0FUC37488 1985 Ford Ranger  
036AN B11 1FTCR14T8GPA75334 1986 Ford Ranger  
449AL B20 1FTCR14T3HPA60046 1987 Ford Ranger  
538AP B14 1FTBR10A4HUA73308 1987 Ford Ranger  
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