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Stock Ticket
588AU B20 1FMDA31U8KZB15750 1989 Ford Aerostar  
038AT A28 1FTCA14U9LZB41484 1990 Ford Aerostar  
932AT B14 1FMDA31X5NZB44427 1992 Ford Aerostar  
266AV B19 1FMDA41X6PZA14908 1993 Ford Aerostar  
915AU B09 1FMCA11U9PZA51418 1993 Ford Aerostar  
969AU B22 1FMCA11U6PZB99283 1993 Ford Aerostar  
641AU B11 1FMDA31U2RZB31632 1994 Ford Aerostar  
909AT B16 1FMDA41X2RZA97319 1994 Ford Aerostar  
351AV B18 1FTDA14U0SZB07677 1995 Ford Aerostar  
137AV B20 KNJLT06H0T6175154 1996 Ford Aspire  
185AV B21 KNJLT05HXV6226079 1997 Ford Aspire  
750AU B10 1FMEU15G1BLA64969 1981 Ford Bronco  
986AU B21 1FMDU15FSBLA45926 1981 Ford Bronco  
245AU B14 1FMEU15N1KLA90793 1989 Ford Bronco  
730AU B10 1FMEU15H8KLB30409 1989 Ford Bronco  
471AU B12 1FMCU12T0LUA62327 1990 Ford Bronco II  
802AU B22 1FBJS31H1LHA93156 1990 Ford Club Wagon  
283AU B14 1FALP6534SK199842 1995 Ford Contour  
378AT B13 1FALP65L2SM139230 1995 Ford Contour  
650AU B19 1FALP6538TK156168 1996 Ford Contour  
957AU B22 3FALP653XTM126890 1996 Ford Contour  
033AU B19 1FAFP6630WK267071 1998 Ford Contour  
730AT B21 1FAFP65ZXWK314953 1998 Ford Contour  
190AU B13 1FAFP6539XK129791 1999 Ford Contour  
460AV B18 1FAFP6633XK203382 1999 Ford Contour New
932AS B12 1FAFP66L8YK137137 2000 Ford Contour  
004AV A13 SGTCUB65270 1979 Ford Courier  
953AT B16 SGTBWU55613 1980 Ford Courier  
856AU B09 1FABP43F8EZ118575 1984 Ford Crown Victori  
111AU B15 2FACP73F4LX149931 1990 Ford Crown Victori  
338AU B12 2FACP74F2LX167360 1990 Ford Crown Victori  
480AV B18 2FALP74W3PX171195 1993 Ford Crown Victori New
100AV B21 2FALP74W2SX110686 1995 Ford Crown Victori  
006AV B21 1FAPP14JXMW262488 1991 Ford ESCORT  
162AV B21 1FAPP14J2MW179539 1991 Ford Escort  
199AU B15 1FAPP10J5MW385508 1991 Ford Escort  
517AR B16 3FAPP15JXMR100295 1991 Ford Escort  
855AU B09 1FAPP14J5MW362319 1991 Ford Escort  
058AU B14 1FAPP15J5PW391922 1993 Ford Escort  
739AU B09 3FAPP15J8PR165019 1993 Ford Escort  
964AU B22 1FAPP14J0PW213871 1993 Ford Escort  
980AR B13 1FAPP15J2PW396611 1993 Ford Escort  
691AS B16 3FARP13J0RR166339 1994 Ford Escort  
672AU B21 3FASP15J3SR122789 1995 Ford Escort  
183AV B20 3FASP13JXTR101068 1996 Ford Escort  
094AV B21 1FALP13P1VW234424 1997 Ford Escort  
036AU B19 1FAFP13P5WW306353 1998 Ford Escort  
276AU B13 1FAFP13P3WW320459 1998 Ford Escort  
649AU B11 1FAFP13PXXW233675 1999 Ford Escort  
991AT B12 3FAKP1139XR220207 1999 Ford Escort  
213AU B14 1FAFP6634YK147504 2000 Ford Escort  
253AV B19 3FAFP13P3YR235529 2000 Ford Escort  
262AU B11 3FAFP13P1YR166758 2000 Ford Escort  
021AS B14 3FAFP11312R156707 2002 Ford Escort  
889AU B22 3FAFP11322R124526 2002 Ford Escort  
081AV B22 1FMFU18L3VLC02691 1997 Ford Expedition  
346AU B12 1FMFU18L1VLA58087 1997 Ford Expedition  
771AU B09 1FMEU18W0VLB99982 1997 Ford Expedition  
948AU B19 1FMFU18L6VLB08823 1997 Ford Expedition  
153AU B15 1FMPU18L5WLB70445 1998 Ford Expedition  
661AU B11 1FMEU18W9WLA03605 1998 Ford Expedition  
318AU B11 1FMPU18L5XLA72257 1999 Ford Expedition  
731AU B10 1FMPU16L21LB20050 2001 Ford Expedition  
336AS B20 1FMCU34X5MUD90596 1991 Ford Explorer  
519AU B10 1FMDU34X6MUC75039 1991 Ford Explorer  
582AU B10 1FMDU34X3MUB89431 1991 Ford Explorer  
898AU B22 1FMDU34X2MUB51382 1991 Ford Explorer  
017AR B11 1FMDU34X6PUA90767 1993 Ford Explorer  
082AV B20 1FMDU34X9PUB43638 1993 Ford Explorer  
083AV B20 1FMCU24X6PUC74287 1993 Ford Explorer  
158AU B12 1FMDU34X7PUC59128 1993 Ford Explorer  
325AU B13 1FMDU34X4PUA51529 1993 Ford Explorer  
957AT B16 1FMDU34X0PUC02382 1993 Ford Explorer  
229AU B13 1FMCU22X7RUC28540 1994 Ford Explorer  
232AV B20 1FMCU24X0RUA81877 1994 Ford Explorer  
332AU A21 1FMDU34X8RUA64075 1994 Ford Explorer  
373AU B12 1FMDU34XXRUA06551 1994 Ford Explorer  
488AU B20 1FMDU34X9RUA73741 1994 Ford Explorer  
534AU B11 1FMCU24XXRUA66044 1994 Ford Explorer  
091AV B19 1FMDU34X2SZA91457 1995 Ford Explorer  
712AU B20 1FMDU34XXSZB23099 1995 Ford Explorer  
727AU B20 1FMDU34X8SUA30871 1995 Ford Explorer  
919AT B16 1FMDU34X7SZC02049 1995 Ford Explorer  
922AT B13 1FMDU34X8SUB95447 1995 Ford Explorer  
349AU B09 1FMDU34X2TUA32827 1996 Ford Explorer  
392AT B15 1FMDU34X4TUB63306 1996 Ford Explorer  
662AU B19 1FMDU34X8TUA00187 1996 Ford Explorer  
128AV B20 1FMDU35P7VZB36444 1997 Ford Explorer  
160AV B20 1FMDU34E2VZB53359 1997 Ford Explorer  
598AU B21 1FMDU34X2VZB00405 1997 Ford Explorer  
938AU B09 1FMDU34E2VUA92091 1997 Ford Explorer  
416AU B20 1FMZU34X1WUB55545 1998 Ford Explorer  
434AU B13 1FMZU34E6WUA53091 1998 Ford Explorer  
187AV B20 1FMYU22E3XUB49934 1999 Ford Explorer  
369AV B18 1FMZU34E3XZB62063 1999 Ford Explorer New
506AU B20 1FMZU34E3XUC21982 1999 Ford Explorer  
778AU B19 1FMZU34X2XZA96669 1999 Ford Explorer  
788AU B10 1FMZU34E0XZA98290 1999 Ford Explorer  
920AT B13 1FMZU34X8XUC33191 1999 Ford Explorer  
977AT B19 1FMZU34E9XZB86786 1999 Ford Explorer  
276AV B19 1FMDU73E0YZA49143 2000 Ford Explorer  
741AU B10 1FMZU73E8YZA21936 2000 Ford Explorer  
800AU B22 1FMYU60E31UA80468 2001 Ford Explorer  
462AT B12 1FMZU73E82UC98946 2002 Ford Explorer  
063AV B20 1FAFP3435YW284896 2000 Ford Focus  
192AU B14 3FAFP31301R247056 2001 Ford Focus  
818AT B15 3FAFP31321R124438 2001 Ford Focus  
404AU B21 1FAFP34303W283759 2003 Ford Focus  
747AU B10 F10YRC19095 1968 Ford Ford Truck  
730AN B15 F25BPB40685 1969 Ford Ford Truck  
163AV B21 F25YRH92776 1970 Ford Ford Truck  
030AV B22 F10GRS09155 1973 Ford Ford Truck  
389AU B11 F10HLW02388 1975 Ford FORD TRUCK  
810AU B10 F15SKY09097 1977 Ford Ford Truck  
330AV B18 F15GPFF0200 1979 Ford Ford Truck New
059AU B15 F15EPHD7445 1980 Ford FORD TRUCK  
061AV B22 F10EPJA2694 1980 Ford FORD TRUCK  
637AU B11 F15ERGA1019 1980 Ford FORD TRUCK  
625AU B11 1FTDF14E5BPA49149 1981 Ford FORD TRUCK  
190AV B20 1FTFX26G0CKA06668 1982 Ford Ford Truck  
742AU B22 1FTHX26L9EKA19430 1984 Ford Ford Truck  
086AV A11 1FTHX26L2FKA65795 1985 Ford FORD TRUCK  
411AV B18 1FTHX2614FKB48286 1985 Ford FORD TRUCK  
566AU B12 1FTHX2610GKA44346 1986 Ford Ford Truck  
015AU B16 1FTEX15N2HKB11063 1987 Ford Ford Truck  
247AU B13 1FTDF15Y2HPA54391 1987 Ford Ford Truck  
264AV B19 1FTDF15N9JPB75513 1988 Ford Ford Truck  
189AV B20 1FTHX26G0KKA49009 1989 Ford Ford Truck  
009AV B04 1FTHX26G1LKA89231 1990 Ford Ford Truck  
106AU B15 1FTHX26MXLKB54552 1990 Ford FORD TRUCK  
987AU B19 1FTEX15N8LKA51461 1990 Ford Ford Truck  
010AV B21 1FTEX14Y5MKA14946 1991 Ford Ford Truck  
973AR B13 1FTEX15Y5NKA09679 1992 Ford FORD TRUCK  
383AU B09 1FTEF15N6RLB46252 1994 Ford FORD TRUCK  
076AV B19 1FTDF1727VKD06444 1997 Ford Ford Truck  
954AU B22 1FTRX18L0YKA39369 2000 Ford Ford Truck  
833AR A01 E13JH641727 1965 Ford Ford Van  
755AU B10 E16AH792364 1966 Ford Ford Van  
737AU B10 E34GHV25821 1975 Ford Ford Van  
425AV B18 1FTDE14F1CHB22573 1982 Ford Ford Van  
959AT B15 1FTES25F8CHA06496 1982 Ford Ford Van  
376AR B13 1FTJE34L1GHC24143 1986 Ford Ford Van  
157AU B21 1FTJE34Y5JHB24761 1988 Ford Ford Van  
964AT B15 1FDEE14H9NHA22077 1992 Ford Ford Van  
088AV B21 1FDEE14N2PHA59027 1993 Ford Ford Van  
446AU B13 1FDEE14N5PHA29360 1993 Ford Ford Van  
697AU B09 1FTFS24Y7SHB61126 1995 Ford Ford Van  
558AU B11 1FMEE11L0VHA78711 1997 Ford Ford Van  
213AS A01 1P58H146174 1971 Ford Galaxy  
536AU B10 7H32F259646 1977 Ford LTD  
864AU B09 1FABP4033FG239148 1985 Ford LTD  
110AR A01 0K91T144214 1970 Ford Maverick  
109AR A01 1K91T244435 1971 Ford Maverick  
161AS A01 1K91L188180 1971 Ford Maverick  
406AS A01 6K91L173105 1976 Ford Maverick  
762AN A01 1FABP15A3BR123114 1981 Ford Mustang  
889AR B13 1FABP41A6JF311360 1988 Ford Mustang  
348AU B13 1FALP4044RF180795 1994 Ford Mustang  
776AU B10 1ZVPT21U3L5186852 1990 Ford Probe  
883AU B22 1ZVPT20C2L5208462 1990 Ford Probe  
395AU B12 1ZVLT22B0T5126958 1996 Ford Probe  
064AV B22 1FTCR11A9FUD16949 1985 Ford Ranger  
063AT B22 1FTCR15T8KPB45941 1989 Ford Ranger  
912AU B09 1FTCR10T5KUA87828 1989 Ford Ranger  
826AU B20 1FTCR10A7LUB30193 1990 Ford Ranger  
151AU B14 1FTCR10U0NUB97067 1992 Ford Ranger  
176AU B15 1FTCR10A2NUC16515 1992 Ford Ranger  
113AV B21 1FTCR10A9PTA71188 1993 Ford Ranger  
542AU B12 1FTCR14X8PTA40013 1993 Ford Ranger  
928AU B09 1FTDR15X4PPA42367 1993 Ford Ranger  
482AU B12 1FTCR10A7RPB61399 1994 Ford Ranger  
829AT B16 1FTCR10A2RPB96819 1994 Ford Ranger  
676AU B09 1FTCR10A0VUD48415 1997 Ford Ranger  
693AU B10 1FTDR15X1VPA72469 1997 Ford Ranger  
953AU B22 1FTCR10A3VUC89229 1997 Ford Ranger  
695AU B18 1FTZR15X7WPA89770 1998 Ford Ranger  
693AT B16 1FTYR14V1YPA01245 2000 Ford Ranger  
965AT B16 1FABP29D3GG245436 1986 Ford Taurus  
279AU B14 1FABP50U7KG236357 1989 Ford Taurus  
056AV B22 1FACP52UXLG152388 1990 Ford Taurus  
313AU B21 1FACP52U8LG268026 1990 Ford Taurus  
049AU B15 1FACP52U5MA110831 1991 Ford Taurus  
275AV B18 1FACP50U8MG152216 1991 Ford Taurus  
007AV B22 1FACP57UXNG208566 1992 Ford Taurus  
470AU B09 1FACP5242NG228804 1992 Ford Taurus  
229AV B19 1FACP53U8PG322669 1993 Ford Taurus  
348AT B19 1FACP5745PG333025 1993 Ford Taurus  
555AU B12 1FALP52U1PG306850 1993 Ford TAURUS  
950AU B09 1FALP57U2PG288593 1993 Ford Taurus  
958AS B16 1FALP5246PG287051 1993 Ford Taurus  
008AV B21 1FALP52U3RG133108 1994 Ford Taurus  
025AV B22 1FALP52U5RG235171 1994 Ford Taurus  
246AV B19 1FALP52UXRG263676 1994 Ford TAURUS  
472AU B20 1FALP5240RG137195 1994 Ford Taurus  
481AU B12 1FALP57U4RG229077 1994 Ford TAURUS  
510AU B12 1FALP5845RG177098 1994 Ford TAURUS  
726AU B11 1FALP54P4RA136903 1994 Ford TAURUS  
763AU B10 1FALP57U9RG185772 1994 Ford Taurus  
906AT B16 1FALP52U0RG257529 1994 Ford Taurus  
236AU B14 1FALP5249SG277719 1995 Ford Taurus  
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