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Stock Ticket
293AY B11 1FMCA11U0KZA62784 1989 Ford Aerostar  
700AW B16 1FMDA41X0LZB72932 1990 Ford Aerostar  
621AX B17 1FMDA41X1SZA62387 1995 Ford Aerostar  
085AY B13 1FMDA41X0TZA72569 1996 Ford Aerostar  
838AX B14 1FMCA11U0VZB57530 1997 Ford Aerostar  
772AV B17 KNJLT05H9T6168558 1996 Ford Aspire  
102AZ B19 1FMDU15N2GLA18553 1986 Ford Bronco  
820AY B21 1FMCU14T2GUD27428 1986 Ford Bronco  
805AX B15 1FMEU15N4JLA43563 1988 Ford Bronco  
879AY B20 1FMEU15N1LLA29154 1990 Ford Bronco  
821AY B21 1FMBU14S7EUB78904 1984 Ford Bronco 2  
098AY B13 1FMCU14T2HUA42066 1986 Ford Bronco 2  
090AX B20 1FMCU14TXHUC30883 1987 Ford Bronco 2  
109AY B13 1FMCU14T0GUC63888 1986 Ford Bronco II  
039AY B11 3FALP66L6SM138922 1995 Ford Contour  
130AY B13 1FALP6537SK208193 1995 Ford Contour  
601AY B20 3FALP66L5SM128141 1995 Ford Contour  
766AY B21 3FALP6534SM132067 1995 Ford Contour  
150AX B22 1FALP6639TK102036 1996 Ford Contour  
798AX B21 3FALP653XTM144600 1996 Ford Contour  
596AX B17 3FALP6531WM109562 1998 Ford Contour  
179AZ B19 1FABP43F0DZ110890 1983 Ford Crown Victori  
499AY B21 2FACP74W4NX136159 1992 Ford Crown Victori  
905AW B10 2FACP74W7NX121851 1992 Ford Crown Victori  
622AX B17 2FALP74WXRX135314 1994 Ford Crown Victori  
114AY B13 2FALP71W8SX167124 1995 Ford Crown Victori  
972AY B19 2FALP71W7TX172171 1996 Ford Crown Victori  
221AZ B19 2FALP71W1VX146345 1997 Ford Crown Victori  
698AX B10 2FALP74W0VX128818 1997 Ford Crown Victori  
286AZ B18 2FAFP74W0XX220690 1999 Ford Crown Victori  
285AZ B18 2FAFP71W1YX201829 2000 Ford Crown Victori  
985AY B20 2FABP0440FB100257 1985 Ford ESCORT  
776AX B16 1FAPP2895HW220726 1987 Ford Escort  
167AY B11 3FAPP15J2MR142637 1991 Ford Escort  
057AW B22 3FAPP15JXPR141580 1992 Ford Escort  
050AZ B20 3FAPP15J7PR132822 1993 Ford Escort  
071AW B10 1FAPP15J5PW397672 1993 Ford Escort  
061AY B13 1FARP15J7RW108089 1994 Ford Escort  
568AY B21 3FARP13J2RR126862 1994 Ford Escort  
052CA B16 3FASP13J9SR216758 1995 Ford Escort  
216AY B12 3FASP15J6SR107414 1995 Ford ESCORT  
235AZ B19 1FASP11J4SW282084 1995 Ford Escort  
519AY B21 3FASP11J3TR141818 1996 Ford Escort  
840AX B15 1FASP15J4TW127708 1996 Ford Escort  
806AW B09 1FALP10PXVW344750 1997 Ford ESCORT  
080AX B09 1FAFP13P8WW132620 1998 Ford Escort  
572AX B15 3FAKP1131WR215565 1998 Ford Escort  
128AX B11 3FAFP15P2XR140021 1999 Ford Escort  
174AX B22 3FAKP1137XR224207 1999 Ford Escort  
299AZ B18 3FAKP1133XR160151 1999 Ford Escort  
466AW B22 1FAFP10P6XW203030 1999 Ford Escort  
778AW B13 3FAKP1137YR202127 2000 Ford ESCORT  
052AY B11 3FAFP11361R152859 2001 Ford Escort  
932AY B20 1FABP0121CR108511 1982 Ford EXP  
980AY B19 2FABP0120CX115620 1982 Ford EXP  
701AV B10 1FMFU1513VLA14322 1995 Ford Expedition  
803AY B20 1FMEU18W2VLB49049 1997 Ford Expedition  
429AW B13 1FMRU18W5WLA65956 1998 Ford Expedition  
107AY B09 1FMPU18L0XLA59349 1999 Ford Expedition  
692AX B15 1FMRU1860XLA32445 1999 Ford Expedition  
693AW B16 1FMPU18L8XLA14661 1999 Ford Expedition  
749AW B16 1FMPU16L7YLB59646 2000 Ford Expedition  
129AY B13 1FMDU34X6MUA12629 1990 Ford Explorer  
251AX B17 1FMDU34X2MUB96743 1991 Ford Explorer  
075AZ B20 1FMDU34X1NUA21451 1992 Ford Explorer  
535AY B21 1FMDU34X3NUB36908 1992 Ford Explorer  
233AY B09 1FMDU34X8PUA31719 1993 Ford Explorer  
419AW B12 1FMDU34X6PUD62377 1993 Ford Explorer  
599AW B13 1FMDU34X7PUD36029 1993 Ford Explorer  
837AW B21 1FMDU34X3PUA83422 1993 Ford Explorer  
913AX B14 1FMDU34X6PUC83890 1993 Ford Explorer  
925AY B20 1FMDU34X9PUC34084 1993 Ford Explorer  
303AY B10 1FMDU34X9RUA39167 1994 Ford Explorer  
315AZ B18 1FMDU34X7RUA79831 1994 Ford Explorer  
471AZ B18 1FMCU24X7RUE08548 1994 Ford Explorer  
590AX B15 1FMDU34X6RUA87323 1994 Ford Explorer  
035AZ B19 1FMDU34X9SUA79304 1995 Ford Explorer  
139AZ B19 1FMDU34X2SUB80832 1995 Ford Explorer  
459AW B16 1FMDU34X1SZB46609 1995 Ford Explorer  
848AW B10 1FMDU34XXSUB16294 1995 Ford Explorer  
960AX B14 1FMDU34X5SZB40909 1995 Ford Explorer  
999AV B19 1FMDU34X5SUA44792 1995 Ford Explorer  
071AX B09 1FMDU34X5TUD81528 1996 Ford Explorer  
073AX B09 1FMDU34X1TUC05169 1996 Ford Explorer  
117AX B22 1FMDU34X6TUD15098 1996 Ford Explorer  
334AY B10 1FMDU34XXTZB80386 1996 Ford Explorer  
602AX B17 1FMDU34X4TUA53064 1996 Ford Explorer  
648AY B22 1FMDU35P3TUC27883 1996 Ford Explorer  
315AW B16 1FMDU35P9VUC69784 1997 Ford Explorer  
458AX B17 1FMDU32XXVZB69376 1997 Ford Explorer  
608AX B17 1FMDU34E8VZA04728 1997 Ford Explorer  
611AX B15 1FMDU34E6VZB13219 1997 Ford Explorer  
689AY B21 1FMDU35P5VZB19092 1997 Ford Explorer  
941AW B20 1FMDU34E4VZB04695 1997 Ford Explorer  
081AY B11 1FMZU34E5WZB57929 1998 Ford Explorer  
289AZ B18 1FMZU34E1WUA11752 1998 Ford Explorer  
352AW B09 1FMZU34E3WZA79487 1998 Ford Explorer  
580AY B21 1FMZU34XXWZB79152 1998 Ford Explorer  
625AW B09 1FMZU34E9WZB28658 1998 Ford Explorer  
652AW B09 1FMZU34E8WUA72936 1998 Ford Explorer  
994AY B18 1FMZU34E5WZA58687 1998 Ford Explorer  
230AZ B19 1FMZU34E6XZA52687 1999 Ford Explorer  
280AZ B18 1FMZU34E4XZB36958 1999 Ford Explorer  
406AW B11 1FMDU35P2XZB50559 1999 Ford Explorer  
529AY B21 1FMZU34E5XZA95482 1999 Ford Explorer  
569AX B14 1FMYU24E6XUA39876 1999 Ford Explorer  
606AW B10 1FMZU34EXXZA48643 1999 Ford Explorer  
271AX B10 1FMDU85P5YZA98214 2000 Ford Explorer  
342AY B10 1FMZU72X1YZB86438 2000 Ford Explorer  
353AW B22 1FMZU73E2YZA73241 2000 Ford Explorer  
452AY B22 1FMZU73E8YZC60659 2000 Ford Explorer  
636AY B21 1FMDU73E0YZA54097 2000 Ford Explorer  
034AX B15 M6RT188707 1956 Ford Fairlane  
386AX B14 KNJPT05H4N6111950 1992 Ford Festiva  
009AY B12 1FAFP34P9YW247384 2000 Ford Focus  
390AY B09 1FAFP34P8YW427567 2000 Ford Focus  
570AX B15 3FAFP3132YR133506 2000 Ford Focus  
154AZ B19 1FAFP34P41W289077 2001 Ford Focus  
361AW B12 3FAFP31351R223674 2001 Ford Focus  
402AX B16 1FAFP34372W354941 2002 Ford Focus  
116AW B10 3FAFP31313R170488 2003 Ford Focus  
178AZ B19 1FAFP33P13W181567 2003 Ford Focus  
864AY B21 1FAFP34P93W120871 2003 Ford Focus  
995AY B20 1FAFP33P53W132887 2003 Ford Focus  
033AX B15 U4PG125176 1954 Ford Ford car  
986AW A02 FL0J7R25314 1957 Ford Ford Truck  
212AY B12 F10JR152403 1963 Ford Ford Truck  
423AY B09 F25JR555892 1964 Ford FORD TRUCK  
985AW A02 F10YLF75716 1969 Ford Ford Truck  
014AX B13 F25YLH91144 1970 Ford Ford Truck  
105AX B22 F25YRJ37575 1970 Ford Ford Truck  
221AY B12 F25BR029970 1970 Ford Ford Truck  
650AX B15 F25YRJ37408 1970 Ford Ford Truck  
510AX B17 F26YRR23533 1973 Ford FORD TRUCK  
110AY B13 F26YRA57221 1976 Ford Ford Truck  
589AY B21 F15JKA52733 1976 Ford FORD TRUCK  
017AZ B20 F15BRBA9640 1978 Ford Ford Truck  
034AY B12 X15JKDF0998 1979 Ford Ford Truck  
685AX B17 F14GPGG8409 1980 Ford Ford Truck  
399AX B15 1FTCF10F9BPA64456 1981 Ford Ford Truck  
288AW B22 1FTHF25G1CKA51342 1982 Ford Ford Truck  
737AX B15 2FTEF14G9CCA64181 1982 Ford Ford Truck  
301AZ B18 2FTEF25G3DCA61119 1983 Ford Ford Truck  
427AY B19 1FTHF3519DPA51272 1983 Ford Ford Truck  
408AY B22 1FTDF15H5EPB67537 1984 Ford Ford Truck  
413AY B09 1FTCF15Y9EPA01811 1984 Ford Ford Truck  
403AW B12 2FTHF26H7GCA9743 1986 Ford Ford Truck  
426AY B19 1FTHX26L3HKA47910 1987 Ford Ford Truck  
183AY B12 1FTEF14H2JPA42351 1988 Ford FORD TRUCK  
119AY B13 1FTEX14NXLKB15128 1990 Ford Ford Truck  
752AX B15 1FTHX26H8MKA64742 1991 Ford Ford Truck  
461AY B19 2FT2F14H3PCA15699 1993 Ford FORD TRUCK  
062AY B12 1FTEF15N7RLA98812 1994 Ford Ford Truck  
119AX B11 1FTEF15Y3SLB46015 1995 Ford Ford Truck  
338AZ B18 1FTHX25F9TEA72426 1996 Ford Ford Truck  
944AW B11 1FTDX1864VKA14376 1997 Ford FORD TRUCK  
391AZ B18 1FTZF1726WNC39485 1998 Ford Ford Truck  
288AZ B18 1FTRF17W0YKB22508 2000 Ford Ford Truck  
142AZ B19 2FTRF17282CA95714 2002 Ford Ford Truck  
052AX B20 1FBHS31G0BHB19573 1981 Ford Ford Van  
241AV B17 1FTDE14E1BHB17265 1981 Ford Ford Van  
335AX B14 1FDJE34L5FHA05230 1985 Ford Ford Van  
276AY B11 1FDEE14H9NHB26620 1992 Ford Ford Van  
431AW B14 1FDEE14N7NHB30543 1992 Ford Ford Van  
703AX B16 1FDEE14N4RHA03903 1994 Ford Ford Van  
532AX B17 1FTEE14YXLHB82633 1995 Ford Ford Van  
542AX B10 1FBJS31Z8THB45018 1996 Ford Ford Van  
487AY B22 1FBJS31L2VHB45370 1997 Ford Ford Van  
779AY B21 1FTNE24L6YHB79309 2000 Ford Ford Van  
908AW B22 1FBSS31S31HA37586 2001 Ford Ford Van  
556AW B13 2FMZA516X4BA67001 2004 Ford Freestar  
983AW A02 5K91L133490 1975 Ford Maverick  
752AW B14 WF1BP80W5FM627195 1985 Ford Merkur  
984AW A02 1F01F218748 1971 Ford Mustang  
982AW A02 4F04Z124810 1974 Ford Mustang  
031AX B15 8F03Z112739 1978 Ford Mustang  
709AX B16 1FABP28AXEF200407 1984 Ford Mustang  
423AW B16 1FABP44A1KF168301 1989 Ford Mustang  
618AX B17 1FALP4040VF126209 1997 Ford Mustang  
616AX B17 1FAFP42X0XF174526 1999 Ford Mustang  
064AY B10 1FAFP4044YF125694 2000 Ford Mustang  
115AX B11 1ZVCT22B6P5103402 1993 Ford Probe  
692AW B14 1ZVLT22BXR5167963 1994 Ford Probe  
593AY B21 1ZVLT22B6S5104154 1995 Ford Probe  
448AY B22 1ZVLT22B4T5104462 1996 Ford Probe  
008AX B13 3A48H240598 1973 Ford Ranchero  
244AY B11 1FTBR10S6DUC21591 1983 Ford Ranger  
388AY B09 1FTCR11S8DUB68623 1983 Ford Ranger  
435AZ B18 1FTBR10A7DUA72597 1983 Ford Ranger  
420AY B09 1FTCR11AXGUB00190 1986 Ford Ranger  
991AY B20 1FTCR10T7JUC47531 1988 Ford Ranger  
997AX B14 1FTBR10A2JUA29104 1988 Ford Ranger  
149AY B12 1FTCR10AXKUB58391 1989 Ford Ranger  
380AY B10 1FTCR14T3LPB17418 1990 Ford Ranger  
968AX B12 1FTCR14T0LPB18008 1990 Ford Ranger  
916AX B14 1FTCR14U2NTA92854 1992 Ford Ranger  
996AX B14 1FTCR14A0NPA92169 1992 Ford Ranger  
769AW B16 1FTDR15X7RTA17022 1994 Ford Ranger  
250AW B15 1FTCR10A9TUB74308 1996 Ford Ranger  
178AX B17 1FTCR10AXVUA81610 1997 Ford Ranger  
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