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Stock Ticket
218BS A07 KNADC165X36137043 2003 KIA RIO  
803BR B14 1MEFM50273G613627 2003 MERCURY SABLE  
271BS A10 3N1AB51D33L719413 2003 DATSUN - NISSAN SENTRA  
162BS A28 1G6KY54993U171742 2003 CADILLAC SEVILLE  
296BS A07 KNAFB121435287959 2003 KIA SPECTRA  
601BS A13 KNAFB121535232002 2003 KIA SPECTRA  
583BS A11 KNAFB121335266715 2003 KIA SPECTRA  
367BS B05 4B3AG52H83E132060 2003 DODGE STRATUS  
418BS B12 1FAFP53U13G209377 2003 FORD TAURUS  
439BR B20 1FAHP55S43G187461 2003 FORD TAURUS  
231BS B15 1FAFP56S03G233423 2003 FORD TAURUS  
586BR B19 1FAFP55263A178755 2003 FORD TAURUS  
287BS B06 2C4GP44323R254275 2003 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
967BR B03 2C4GP54L33R156460 2003 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
930BR A26 1GNDS13S732345038 2003 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZ  
640BR A07 4F2YZ94163KM25196 2003 MAZDA TRIBUTE  
550BS A21 1GNDX03E43D282426 2003 CHEVROLET VENTURE  
547BS A22 5GZCZ23DX3S807839 2003 SATURN VUE  
871bs A19 5GZCZ43D03S822121 2003 SATURN VUE  
816BS A17 5GZCZ63B03S862869 2003 SATURN VUE  
551BS A14 WBAET37414NJ44699 2004 BMW 325CI  
931BS A04 WAULT68E04A053351 2004 AUDI A4 AUDI  
901BS A05 KMHCG35C34U303328 2004 HYUNDAI ACCENT  
453BS A12 JS2RA61S345206354 2004 SUZUKI AERIO  
416BP A12 4S4BT62CX47102277 2004 SUBARU BAJA  
907BR A28 1G1JC12F347108637 2004 CHEVROLET CAVALIER  
886BS A17 1G1JF52F147262942 2004 CHEVROLET CAVALIER  
832BS A20 1G1JF52FX47203985 2004 CHEVROLET CAVALIER  
624BS A22 1G1JC52F047290594 2004 CHEVROLET CAVALIER  
008BP A25 1GCCS136048201997 2004 CHEVROLET COLORADO  
779BR B16 2FAFP74W24X168748 2004 FORD CROWN VIC  
655BS B10 1FMFU18L44LA39807 2004 FORD EXPEDITON  
656BS B10 1FAHP38Z14W112835 2004 FORD FOCUS  
661BR B18 1FAFP34394W173228 2004 FORD FOCUS  
657BS B10 3FAFP313X4R113952 2004 FORD FOCUS  
732BR B18 3FAHP31ZX4R101121 2004 FORD FOCUS  
865BS B09 1FAFP33P04W201938 2004 FORD FOCUS  
921BR B16 1FAFP33P24W121606 2004 FORD FOCUS  
833BS A19 1G2NF52E64M530406 2004 PONTIAC GRAND AM  
687BR B05 1J4GW48S34C253936 2004 JEEP GRANDCHER  
616BL B06 2B3HD46R94H648802 2004 DODGE INTREPID  
666BS A20 1G8AM12F74Z173526 2004 SATURN ION  
761BS A20 1G8AL52F24Z164288 2004 SATURN ION  
363BP A24 1G8AF52F24Z175010 2004 SATURN ION  
875BR B16 1LNHM86SX4Y614975 2004 LINCOLN LS6  
485BS A11 1N4BA41E64C858073 2004 DATSUN - NISSAN MAXIMA  
399BR A28 1GMDX03E54D171034 2004 PONTIAC MONTANA  
921BM A14P JM3LW28A440523930 2004 MAZDA MPV VAN  
541BS A15 KNAGD128945367755 2004 KIA OPTIMAKIA  
654BS B08 3C4FY48BX4T258115 2004 CHRYSLER PTCRUISER  
544BS A14 YV1RS64A742321013 2004 VOLVO S60  
714BL B04 1C3EL56R04N372225 2004 CHRYSLER SEBRING  
131BS B07 1C3EL46X64N388051 2004 CHRYSLER SEBRING  
199BS B04 1C3EL46X14N317047 2004 CHRYSLER SEBRING  
313BS A11 3N1CB51D24L893466 2004 DATSUN - NISSAN SENTRA  
393BS A08 KNDJC733645300208 2004 KIA SORENTO  
890BR A09 KNAFB121X45318665 2004 KIA SPECTRA  
691BS B07 1B3EL46X64N155347 2004 DODGE STRATUS  
329BL A13 5TEWM72N34Z436962 2004 TOYOTA TACOMA  
350BS B13 1FAFP55S64G192833 2004 FORD TAURUS  
290BS B14 1FAFP53UX4G201652 2004 FORD TAURUS  
155BS B13 1FAFP55U14A128784 2004 FORD TAURUS  
562BS B07 2C4GP44R04R604217 2004 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
532BS A21 1GNDT13S142323969 2004 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZ  
686BS A21 1GNDT13S742320171 2004 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZ  
933BS A18 1GNDS13S542147494 2004 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZ  
883BS A05 KMHCG35C15U336314 2005 HYUNDAI ACCENT  
268BR B20 5LMEU88H45ZJ06840 2005 LINCOLN AVIATOR  
641BR A28 1G2HZ54Y35U106324 2005 PONTIAC BONNEVILL  
659BS B07 2D4GP24R95R215262 2005 DODGE CARAVAN  
881BS B01 2D4GP44LX5R235558 2005 DODGE CARAVAN  
130BS B07 1D4GP45R95B204352 2005 DODGE CARAVAN  
407BR B04 1D4GP24R85B180728 2005 DODGE CARAVAN  
670BS A21 1G1JC52F757152777 2005 CHEVROLET CAVALIER  
619BS A13 2HGES16495H552536 2005 HONDA CIVIC  
488BP A12 KMHDN46D55U115905 2005 HYUNDAI ELANTRA  
125BS A09 KMHDN46D55U000429 2005 HYUNDAI ELANTRA  
095BS A27 2CNDL73F656037985 2005 CHEVROLET EQUINOX  
467BR B18 1FMYU92Z65KA02558 2005 FORD ESCAPE  
821BR B15 1FAFP34N05W318627 2005 FORD FOCUS  
662BS A04 JF1SG65605H709577 2005 SUBARU FORESTER  
385BS B13 2FMZA51605BA88845 2005 FORD FREESTAR  
549BS A22 1G8AW12F65Z180950 2005 SATURN ION  
483BS A11 3VWDF71K05M608675 2005 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA  
451BS A10 4S4BP61C457384424 2005 SUBARU LEGACY  
310BS B12 1LNHM84W15Y645314 2005 LINCOLN LINC-TOWN  
092BS A27 1G1ND52F25M253290 2005 CHEVROLET MALIBUNEW  
536BS A21 1G1ZT52825F314034 2005 CHEVROLET MALIBUNEW  
658BS A19 1G1ZT52855F192415 2005 CHEVROLET MALIBUNEW  
009BN A16 1G1ND52FX5M206766 2005 CHEVROLET MALIBUOLD  
533BS A21 1GMDV33L55D262019 2005 PONTIAC MONTANA  
023BN B02 1B3ES56C75D238976 2005 DODGE NEON  
488BS B06 1B3ES56C95D220608 2005 DODGE NEON  
433BS B06 3C4FY58B25T540093 2005 CHRYSLER PTCRUISER  
037BS B04 3C4FY58B05T636109 2005 CHRYSLER PTCRUISER  
232BS B04 3C4FY58B25T609249 2005 CHRYSLER PTCRUISER  
545BS A21 3G5DB03E85S540223 2005 BUICK RENDEZVOU  
661BS A15 KNADC125X56399850 2005 KIA RIO  
978BR B03 1C3EL55R25N699003 2005 CHRYSLER SEBRING  
787BS A04 KNDUP132356734720 2005 KIA SEDONA  
289BP A12 KNDUP132456768696 2005 KIA SEDONA  
672BL A05 3N1CB51D25L534782 2005 DATSUN - NISSAN SENTRA  
059BS A29 1GCEC14X75Z203075 2005 CHEVROLET SILVRDO15  
263BS B06 1B3EL46X65N558195 2005 DODGE STRATUS  
186BS B04 1B3EL46J45N560524 2005 DODGE STRATUS  
660BS B08 1B3EL46T95N674455 2005 DODGE STRATUS  
598BK B05 1B3EL46R35N519596 2005 DODGE STRATUS  
540BS A19 3G2JB14FX5S113901 2005 PONTIAC SUNFIRE  
124BS A17 3G2JB12F95S209327 2005 PONTIAC SUNFIRE  
722BS B10 1FAFP53U85A304105 2005 FORD TAURUS  
700BS A20 5GADV33L95D242989 2005 BUICK TERRAZA  
484br A26 1GNET16S656123096 2005 CHEVROLET TRAILBEXT  
891BS A17 1GNDT13S952311473 2005 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZ  
784BR A27 1GNDV23L35D219787 2005 CHEVROLET UPLANDER  
160BN A04 1N4AL11D56C119176 2006 DATSUN - NISSAN ALTIMA  
862BS A18 KL1TD56676B640883 2006 CHEVROLET AVEO  
887BS B01 1D4GP24R36B579757 2006 DODGE CARAVAN  
435BS B06 1D4GP24R06B639641 2006 DODGE CARAVAN  
892BR B03 2B3KA43G86H372942 2006 DODGE CHARGER  
307BR B19 1FMCU95H56KA48574 2006 FORD ESCAPE  
026BN B17 1FAFP34N16W120737 2006 FORD FOCUS  
445BS B12 2FMZA52236BA26076 2006 FORD FREESTAR  
928BS B09 2FMZA52226BA40874 2006 FORD FREESTAR  
268BS A23 1G2ZF55B664172990 2006 PONTIAC G6  
611BL A23 2G4WC582061297252 2006 BUICK LACROSSE  
426BS A24 1G1ZT51FX6F171254 2006 CHEVROLET MALIBU  
247BS A07 KNAGE123X65066903 2006 KIA OPTIMAKIA  
036BP B05 2A4GM68476R902019 2006 CHRYSLER PACIFICA  
947BS B01 3A4FY48B06T371410 2006 CHRYSLER PTCRUISER  
588BS A23 3G5DB03L86S518710 2006 BUICK RENDEZVOU  
805BR B06 1C3EL55R96N130926 2006 CHRYSLER SEBRING  
089BN A14 KNDMB233366047395 2006 KIA SEDONA  
293BN A05 KNDMB233166080069 2006 KIA SEDONA  
409BS A09 KMHEU46C56A081465 2006 HYUNDAI SONATA  
788BS A04 KNAFE121465278139 2006 KIA SPECTRA  
780BS A05 KNDJF723667149256 2006 KIA SPORTAGE  
800BR B16 1FAFP53U26A203563 2006 FORD TAURUS  
557BS B10 1FAFP53U96A206671 2006 FORD TAURUS  
402BP A14 4T1BK36B17U231887 2007 TOYOTA AVALON  
334BN B08 1B3HB28B27D258135 2007 DODGE CALIBER  
815BS B08 1B3HB48B87D541053 2007 DODGE CALIBER  
143BS A25 1G1AL55F677225121 2007 CHEVROLET COBALT  
594BS B11 2FAHP71W97X124750 2007 FORD CROWN VIC  
630bs A22 2CNDL13F676105556 2007 CHEVROLET EQUINOX  
201BN B21 1FAHP24157G160900 2007 FORD FIVEHUNDR  
274BS B12 1FAFP34N77W312861 2007 FORD FOCUS  
334BS B13 1FAFP34N57W357846 2007 FORD FOCUS  
221BS B13 3FAHP07Z57R201539 2007 FORD FUSION  
185BN A17 1G2AL15F577267123 2007 PONTIAC G5  
067BS A28 1G2AL15F677231537 2007 PONTIAC G5  
663BS A19 1G2ZG58N574132503 2007 PONTIAC G6  
781BR A24 1G1ZS57F97F269610 2007 CHEVROLET MALIBU  
355BR B19 3LNHM28T27R612935 2007 LINCOLN MKZ  
739BS B01 1D8GT58637W666323 2007 PLYMOUTH NITRO  
163BS B04 3A4FY48B37T563373 2007 CHRYSLER PTCRUISER  
285BS B06 3A4FY48B77T602367 2007 CHRYSLER PTCRUISER  
133BS A05 KNAFG526X77088509 2007 KIA RONDO  
129BS A14 5NPEU46F37H223109 2007 HYUNDAI SONATA  
872BS A03 5NPEU46F07H219308 2007 HYUNDAI SONATA  
371BS A09 JS2YB413675105643 2007 SUZUKI SX4  
938BM B14 1FAFP53U27A107031 2007 FORD TAURUS  
389BN B08 2A4GP54L47R223552 2007 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
969BR B03 2A4GP44R27R189982 2007 CHRYSLER TOWN COUN  
041BS A27 1GNDV23W97D204062 2007 CHEVROLET UPLANDER  
727BS A20 1GNDV23197D126810 2007 CHEVROLET UPLANDER  
918BR B12 1FTSE34L27DA09043 2007 FORD VFORD150  
579BS A12 JTDBT903571065168 2007 TOYOTA YARIS  
852BS A19 KL1TD56688B090970 2008 CHEVROLET AVEO  
617BL B11 1FAHP35N48W177542 2008 FORD FOCUS  
389BP B17 1FAHP33N48W186440 2008 FORD FOCUS  
552BS A21 2G2WP552781135705 2008 PONTIAC GRAND PRI  
388BP A22 2G1WT55N589130787 2008 CHEVROLET IMPALA  
006BN B17 3MEHM071X8R659560 2008 MERCURY MILAN  
770BS B10 1MEHM42W98G603997 2008 MERCURY SABLE  
292BN B08 1C3LC56R78N229138 2008 CHRYSLER SEBRING  
735BS A15 5NPET46C18H381510 2008 HYUNDAI SONATA  
148BS A13 JTDJT923285206040 2008 TOYOTA YARIS  
559BS A19 1G1AK18HX97195441 2009 CHEVROLET COBALT  
505BR B19 1FMCU93G69KA95269 2009 FORD ESCAPE  
375BS B14 3MEHM07Z19R625322 2009 MERCURY MILAN  
569BS A22 2G1WA5EK5A1112547 2010 CHEVROLET IMPALA  
664BS A19 KL1TD6DE0BB187586 2011 CHEVROLET AVEO  
919BS A04 3N1BC1CP6BL497594 2011 DATSUN - NISSAN VERSA  
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