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Stock Ticket
525BD A28 1G3AL54N6N6369822 1992 Oldsmobile Ciera New
560BD A28 2G1WW12M9W9232344 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo New
434BD B05 1B4HS28ZXXF562309 1999 Dodge DURAGNO New
242BD A28 1G8CT18B6E8208824 1984 Chevrolet S10 Blazer New
149BD B05 1P3BP48DXKN698724 1989 Plymouth Sundance New
844BC B18 1FMPU18L1XLB49142 1999 Ford Expedition New
519BD B05 2P4GP4531WR698438 1998 Plymouth Voyager New
533BD B05 1J4GZ58Y0RC144911 1994 Jeep Grand Cheroke New
238BD B18 1FMDU34X1MUC63588 1991 Ford Explorer New
528BD B05 1C3EJ46X6YN223113 2000 Chrysler Cirrus New
554BD A28 1G4HP52K034109125 2003 Buick LESABRE New
030BC B05 1D4GP24R75B165265 2005 Dodge Caravan New
558BD B18 1FTEX14N0JKB23476 1988 Ford Ford Truck New
538BC B05 1J4GZ58SXWC353290 1998 Jeep Grand Cheroke New
532BD B05 1B3EL36T14N173746 2004 Dodge Stratus New
546BD A28 2G1WH52K359315220 2005 Chevrolet Impala New
506BD A28 2G4WF551X31211993 2003 Buick Regal New
552BD B05 1C4GP64L0TB361156 1996 Chrysler Town & Countr New
549BD A28 1G3AE69X2EW301236 1984 Oldsmobile Omega New
555BD B18 1FTDE14N0MHA68448 1991 Ford Ford Van New
226BD B18 1FTDE14Y6MHA14548 1991 Ford Ford Van New
572BC B09 3FAFP13P52R167869 2002 Ford Escort  
425BC B10 3FAFP13P02R137808 2002 Ford Escort  
329BD B18 3FARP15J9RR153554 1994 Ford Escort  
134BD B19 3FAKP113XXR232060 1999 Ford Escort  
134BC B11 3FAFP11322R137597 2002 Ford ESCORT  
605BB B15 3FAFP113X1R158535 2001 Ford ESCORT  
184BD B20 1FASP15JXTW114851 1996 Ford Escort  
308BC B10 3FAKP1134YR118718 2000 Ford ESCORT  
964BC B19 3FAKP1131XR104838 1999 Ford Escort  
526BC A11 JS2GB31W3W5147363 1998 Suzuki Esteem  
448BD B18 3FARP15J7RR131407 1994 Ford Escort  
559BB B16 3FAKP1134XR167528 1999 Ford ESCORT  
119BD B20 1FALP13P6VW140121 1997 Ford Escort  
452BD B18 3FALP15P6VR114912 1997 Ford Escort  
485BD B19 1FAFP13P4XW107716 1999 Ford Escort  
699BC B22 3FALP15P9VR145328 1997 Ford Escort  
759BB B14 1FALP13P2VW305789 1997 Ford ESCORT  
527BC A12 JS2GB41W515203348 2000 Suzuki Esteem  
804BB B12 1FMPU18L4WLB77791 1998 Ford Expedition  
951BB B13 1FAFP10P7WW144911 1998 Ford ESCORT  
776BB B14 3FAKP1134WR225779 1998 Ford ESCORT  
476BB B16 1FAFP13P4WW148717 1998 Ford ESCORT  
153BD B20 1FAFP13P1WW248290 1998 Ford Escort  
850BC B21 1FALP13P0VW225908 1997 Ford Escort  
806BC B21 1FALP13P3VW226101 1997 Ford ESCORT  
286BC B11 1FASP15J1TW102832 1996 Ford ESCORT  
965BC B21 1FMDU34X7RUA58901 1994 Ford Explorer  
096BD B20 1FMPU18L9WLC36530 1998 Ford Expedition  
242BC B11 1FMDU34X6RUD33559 1994 Ford Explorer  
256BC B11 1FMDU34XXRUA57046 1994 Ford Explorer  
428BC B10 1FMDU34X2RUB84633 1994 Ford Explorer  
430BD B19 1FMDU34X4RUE34454 1994 Ford Explorer  
471BD B18 1FMDU34X5RUB67938 1994 Ford Explorer  
768BB B14 1FMDU34X6RUC53940 1994 Ford Explorer  
924BB B13 1FMDU34XXPUB70122 1993 Ford Explorer  
939BC B21 1FMDU32XXRUD08263 1994 Ford Explorer  
711BC B22 1FMDU34X4PUA19230 1993 Ford Explorer  
972BC B21 1FMDU34X5RUB45955 1994 Ford Explorer  
489BD B18 1FMDU34X3SUC04037 1995 Ford Explorer  
845BC B21 1FMDU34X8SZB17804 1995 Ford Explorer  
916BC B21 1FMDU34X9SUB37816 1995 Ford Explorer  
002BC B12 1FMDU32X0TZB50400 1996 Ford Explorer  
598BB B15 1FMDU34X7TUC08822 1996 Ford Explorer  
864BB B12 1FMDU34X5TUA70102 1996 Ford Explorer  
885BB B13 1FMDU34XXRUE36869 1994 Ford Explorer  
217BD B20 1FMDU34X6MUA89274 1991 Ford Explorer  
944BB B13 1FMEU18W6VLB08942 1997 Ford Expedition  
055BC B12 1FARP11J4RW327288 1994 Ford ESCORT  
557BB B15 1FMRU1761WLB50150 1998 Ford Expedition  
168BD B20 3FAPP15J6MR125145 1991 Ford Escort  
243BD B20 1FMRU1764XLC28390 1999 Ford Expedition  
597BC B22 1FMPU18L1XLA60963 1999 Ford Expedition  
410BB B15 1FMPU16LXYLB82113 2000 Ford Expedition  
931BC B19 1FMDU34X6PUA39799 1993 Ford Explorer  
143BC B12 1FMDU34X9MUB31002 1991 Ford Explorer  
867BC B21 1FMFU18L2VLA19752 1997 Ford Expedition  
237BC B11 1FMDU34X5MUD18463 1991 Ford Explorer  
750BC B21 1FMDU34X7MUB67531 1991 Ford Explorer  
837BB B13 1FMDU34X6MUD16611 1991 Ford Explorer  
123BD B20 1FMDU34X5NUC67662 1992 Ford Explorer  
297BC B10 1FMDU34X8NUB13625 1992 Ford Explorer  
929BB B12 1FMDU34X7NUC57120 1992 Ford Explorer  
930BC B19 1FMDU34X9NUB82419 1992 Ford Explorer  
414BD B19 1FMPU16L91LB42577 2001 Ford Expedition  
785BC A01 6869347FWD13560 1968 Cadillac DeVille  
020BD B03 1B7GN14M2HS463955 1987 Dodge Dakota  
617BC B08 1B7FL16G2LS622684 1990 Dodge Dakota  
119BC B06 1B7GL23X6VS133318 1997 Dodge Dakota  
019BD B03 1B7GG42X32S591203 2002 Dodge Dakota  
997BA A02 3282137838 1978 Volkswagen Dasher  
495BD A07 JN6MD06S8CW109156 1985 Datsun Datsun Pickup  
609BC A12 6MMAP47P4XT005422 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante  
826BA A02 68339B522561 1965 Cadillac DeVille  
285BD A29 1G3NG52M0W6342651 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass  
089BD A18 1G6CD5158K4228934 1989 Cadillac DeVille  
360BD A16 1G6KD52Y9TU211890 1996 Cadillac DeVille  
502BD A28 1G6KD52Y2TU287497 1996 Cadillac DeVille  
541BC A23 1G6KD52Y4TU248037 1996 Cadillac DeVille  
553BC A23 1G6KF529XVU201312 1997 Cadillac DeVille  
635BC A22 1G6KD54Y0VU251095 1997 Cadillac DeVille  
668BC B21 1FAPP14J7PW229873 1993 Ford Escort  
415BD A29 1G3HY54C0JW392683 1988 Oldsmobile DeLlta 88  
816BB B13 2FALP74W2TX146038 1996 Ford Crown Victori  
630BC B22 SGTBWT29750 1979 Ford Courier  
864BC A15 JT2MX83EXL0064336 1990 Toyota Cressida  
744BB B14 2FABP73F3HX189338 1987 Ford Crown Victori  
481BD B19 2FABP74F5KX200734 1989 Ford Crown Victori  
595BC B22 2FABP74F1KX207258 1989 Ford Crown Victori  
476BC B09 2FALP74W2RX210619 1994 Ford Crown Victori  
302BC B10 2FALP71W6SX152945 1995 Ford Crown Victori  
451BC B07 JB7FL49E6HP117057 1987 Dodge D50  
651AY B15 2FALP71W6TX178737 1996 Ford Crown Victori  
021BD B02 9JL4UA1117564 1980 Dodge D50  
303BC B10 2FALP74W7VX154848 1997 Ford Crown Victori  
798BB B14 2FAFP71W8XX179956 1999 Ford Crown Victori  
320BD A17 1G6DM577740100451 2004 Cadillac CTS  
369BC A26 1G3NL54U4LM763935 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass  
451BD A28 1G3AJ84N7N6346105 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass  
179BD A18 1G3NB52MXW6339920 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass  
747BA A02 D17AE4S062849 1974 Dodge Dodge Truck  
847BB B13 2FALP74W5SX193045 1995 Ford Crown Victori  
223BB B16 1FMCU931X5KD85505 2005 Ford Escape  
693BC A13 4A3AC84L3YE075401 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse  
611BC A12 KMHJF25F4XU851213 1999 Hyundai Elantra  
893BC A03 KMHDN46DX5U990719 2005 Hyundai Elantra  
018BD A03 KMHDN46D66U214122 2006 Hyundai Elantra  
839BC A20 1G6EL13B4MU611151 1991 Cadillac Eldorado  
479BC A24 1G6EL12Y6SU604270 1995 Cadillac Eldorado  
874BC A15 6MMAP47P4VT005370 1997 Mitsubishi Diamante  
435BC B09 1FMYU04112KC19496 2002 Ford Escape  
486BC A10 JTDBT123510171924 2001 Toyota Echo  
832BB B13 1FABP0629CW183256 1982 Ford ESCORT  
181BC B11 1FAPP919LW104581 1990 Ford ESCORT  
025BC B12 1FMZU32E6XUA59834 1999 Ford Explorer  
489BC B09 1FAPP11J8PW354420 1993 Ford ESCORT  
151BD B19 1FMPU18L8WLC41587 1998 Ford Explorer  
789BB B14 1FAPP15J6PW279386 1993 Ford ESCORT  
917BB B13 3FAPP13J9PR113384 1993 Ford Escort  
496BD A07 JT8BF28G4X5066180 1999 Lexus ES300  
066BD B03 1B4HS28YXWF198334 1998 Dodge DURANGO  
196BC B03 W27BF7S220966 1977 Dodge Dodge Truck  
662BC B04 D14BB7S149793 1977 Dodge Dodge Truck  
348BC B07 1B7JW24UXDS440765 1983 Dodge Dodge Truck  
186BC B07 3B7HC13Z9SG705291 1995 Dodge Dodge Truck  
160BC B07 3B7HF13Y3TM119459 1996 Dodge Dodge Truck  
174BC B02 1B7HC16Y3YS52280 2000 Dodge Dodge Truck  
639BC B01 2B7HB23TXFK311280 1985 Dodge Dodge Van  
652BC A13 4A3AX35G8WE025700 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse  
773BC B01 1B4HS28Z3YF184013 2000 Dodge DURAGNO  
990BC A15 4A3AC44G92E026139 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse  
409BC B07 1B4HS28Z8YF219080 2000 Dodge Durango  
501BC B07 1B4HS28Z8YF135826 2000 Dodge DURANGO  
547BC B08 1B4HS28N3YF101421 2000 Dodge DURANGO  
116BD B03 1B4HR28N11F640153 2001 Dodge Durango  
765BC B01 1B4HS28N81F562247 2001 Dodge DURANGO  
570BC B08 1B3BC463XKD496205 1989 Dodge Dynasty  
010BC B22 1FARP14J3RW110925 1994 Ford Escort  
544BC B08 1B4HS28ZXXF563489 1999 Dodge DURAGNO  
117BD A18 1G2NF52EXYC513099 2000 Pontiac Grand Am  
724BC A20 1G2NE5431NM082284 1992 Pontiac Grand Am  
311BC A26 1G2NE5531RM535677 1994 Pontiac GRAND AM  
307BD A16 1G2WJ52M0TF266631 1996 Pontiac Grand Am  
127BD A17 1G2NW12M1VC743593 1997 Pontiac Grand Am  
369BA A25 1G2NE52T9XC578686 1999 Pontiac Grand Am  
983BC A19 1G2NE52T2XC541625 1999 Pontiac Grand Am  
480BB B16 1FMZU35P9WUB64928 1998 Ford Explorer  
094BD A19 1G2WR5217YF126470 2000 Pontiac GRAND AM  
273BD A16 1GDEG25K3L7523365 1990 Gen Motors GMC Van  
886BC A20 1G2NF52T7YC510028 2000 Pontiac Grand Am  
432BC A26 1G2NF52T21M649371 2001 Pontiac GRAND AM  
976BC A19 1G2NF52E71M568349 2001 Pontiac Grand Am  
341BD A16 1G2NF52E92C104275 2002 Pontiac GRAND AM  
351BD A16 1G2NF52F92C130447 2002 Pontiac GRAND AM  
440BC A23 1G2NF52FX2C227978 2002 Pontiac Grand Am  
556BC A23 1G2NF52E62M506393 2002 Pontiac Grand Am  
078CA A25 1G2NF12T0YM852858 2000 Pontiac Grand Am  
125BC A13 4A3AA46G13E155061 2003 Mitsubishi Galant  
049BC B11 1FTRE142XWHC7057 1998 Ford FORD VAN  
948BC A15 KL5JD56Z75K177481 2005 Suzuki Forenza  
511BB B22 2FMZA51634BA90121 2004 Ford Freestar  
155BC B10 2FMZA57675B074769 2005 Ford Freestar  
900BC B21 2FMZA52265BA77747 2005 Ford Freestar  
281BD A04 1N6DD26S7YC434191 2000 Nissan Frontier  
199BD A06 JNKBV61F17M811369 2007 Infinity G35  
739BC A14 9BWBK61J434007422 2003 Volkswagen Golf  
423BC A09 4A3AA46G1YE157514 2000 Mitsubishi Galant  
165BD A04 3VWHD81H4WM194948 1998 Volkswagen Golf  
677BB A11 JF2AN53B8JE457113 1988 Subaru GL  
120BC A20 JF1AX7326KH304112 1989 Subaru GL  
621BC A23 TCS146Z505850 1976 Gen Motors GMC Truck  
257BC A25 2GCEC14H9K1152935 1989 Gen Motors GMC Truck  
413BC A26 1GTGC29F3RE531279 1994 Gen Motors GMC Truck  
139BC A23 1GTEK19K1SE542305 1995 Gen Motors GMC Truck  
052BC B06 1B4GK54R5LX324827 1990 Dodge Grand Caravan  
788BC A21 1G2ZG528354118695 2005 Pontiac G6  
793BC A22 1G2WJ52M4TF232577 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix  
492BC A24 1G2NF52E44M627667 2004 Pontiac GRAND AM  
469BD B18 2MELM74W8SX635091 995 Mercury Grand Marquis  
374BC A26 1G2WJ54TXLF289886 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix  
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