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Stock Ticket
457BJ B12 3FAKP1136XR196142 1999 Ford ESCORT  
435BJ A16 JM1BK12F851337348 2005 Mazda 3  
561BH B09 3FASP11J9TR158462 1996 Ford ESCORT  
497BI B19 1FALP13P4VW324568 1997 Ford ESCORT  
520BJ B12 1FALP10P5VW146044 1997 Ford ESCORT  
646BI B17 1FALP13P8VW342085 1997 Ford ESCORT  
268BJ B14 1FAFP52U7WG209261 1998 Ford ESCORT  
696BG B10 1FAFP10P1WW291421 1998 Ford ESCORT  
995BG B11 3FARP13J8RR103408 1994 Ford Escort  
146BH B09 1FAFP10P2XW130075 1999 Ford ESCORT  
429BJ B12 3FARP15J5RR151882 1994 Ford ESCORT  
470BH B09 1FAFP10P5XW103811 1999 Ford ESCORT  
844BI B16 3FAKP1134XR133332 1999 Ford ESCORT  
887BI B15 3FAKP1135XR122517 1999 Ford ESCORT  
923BH B21 1FAFP13P5XW105361 1999 Ford ESCORT  
939BI B16 1FAFP13P1XW173463 1999 Ford ESCORT  
420BJ B13 3FAFP13P1YR235545 2000 Ford ESCORT  
893BI B16 3FAKP1130YR150081 2000 Ford ESCORT  
970BI B16 3FAKP1133WR256084 1998 Ford ESCORT  
553BH B09 1FAPP1283MW170543 1991 Ford ESCORT  
641BI A23 1G6EL12YXTU610266 1996 Cadillac ELDORADO  
407BI A21 1G6EL12Y6XU608665 1999 Cadillac ELDORADO  
277BJ A20 2CNDL23FX56157548 2005 Chevrolet EQUINOX  
374BJ A02 JT8GK13T1S0093083 1995 Lexus ES 300  
115BI A05 JT8GK13T2S0126107 1995 Lexus ES300  
544BJ A04 JT8BF22G1V0061084 1997 Lexus ES300  
778BI A09 JTHBF30GX20008839 2002 Lexus ES300  
851BI B16 1FASP11J5SW338761 1995 Ford ESCORT  
539BH B22 1FAPP11J2MW403025 1991 Ford ESCORT  
099BJ B15 3FAFP13P42R210503 2002 Ford ESCORT  
869BI B16 3FAPP1284MR130202 1991 Ford ESCORT  
747BI B16 3FAPP15J4NR149820 1992 Ford ESCORT  
847BI B16 1FAPP10J5NW200049 1992 Ford ESCORT  
315BI B14 3FAPP1687PR115529 1993 Ford ESCORT  
750BH B21 1FAPP11J8PW203156 1993 Ford ESCORT  
062BH B11 1FARP15J5RW158182 1994 Ford Escort  
222BH B10 1FARP14J2RW237813 1994 Ford ESCORT  
283BJ B14 1FMCU041X2KD23477 2002 Ford ESCAPE  
390BI B18 1FMDU34X0PUD80888 1993 Ford EXPLORER  
551BH B09 1FMRU156XYLC21772 2000 Ford EXPEDITION  
964BH B17 1FMPU16L2YLA10237 2000 Ford EXPEDITION  
110BI B14 1FMRU15W12LA78783 2002 Ford EXPEDITION  
232BH B10 1FMPU16W13LC38944 2003 Ford EXPEDITION  
567BH B22 1FMDU34X8MUB43299 1991 Ford EXPLORER  
379BJ B13 1FMDU34X8NUA11757 1992 Ford EXPLORER  
468BI B19 1FMDU34X0NUE08413 1992 Ford EXPLORER  
253BI B19 3FAFP11341R157641 2001 Ford ESCORT  
965BH B20 1FMDU34X6NUA39752 1992 Ford EXPLORER  
985BH B17 1FMPU18L9XLB70448 1999 Ford EXPEDITION  
651BH B22 1FMDU34X1PUA86660 1993 Ford EXPLORER  
994BH B20 1FMDU34X3PUA59461 1993 Ford EXPLORER  
078BJ B15 1FMDU34X6RUB54406 1994 Ford EXPLORER  
895BH B17 1FMDU34X9RUB16720 1994 Ford EXPLORER  
971BH B20 1FMDU34XXRUA92332 1994 Ford EXPLORER  
986BI B16 1FMDU34X3RUB59000 1994 Ford EXPLORER  
046BI B20 1FMDU34X7SZB54617 1995 Ford EXPLORER  
524BJ B12 1FMDU34X1NUC23206 1992 Ford EXPLORER  
949BH B20 1FMFU18L8VLA64145 1997 Ford EXPEDITION  
573BI A07 KMHDN46D94U921065 2004 Hyundai ELANTRA  
232BJ B14 3FAFP13P62R122987 2002 Ford ESCORT  
304BJ B13 3FAFP11302R184868 2002 Ford ESCORT  
751BI B17 3FAFP11343R129017 2003 Ford ESCORT  
019BJ A12 JS2GB31S0W5149598 1998 Suzuki ESTEEM  
164BJ A12 JS2GB41S9Y5191048 2000 Suzuki ESTEEM  
305BJ B12 1FMFU18L1VLB78083 1997 Ford EXPEDITION  
401BH B22 1FMFU18L9YLC13439 2000 Ford EXPEDITION  
689BG B10 1FMFU18L1VLB93229 1997 Ford Expedition  
283BH B10 1FMPU16L6YLA59540 2000 Ford EXPEDITION  
072BJ B15 1FMPU18L4WLB57749 1998 Ford EXPEDITION  
379BI B19 1FMPU18L4WLC30893 1998 Ford EXPEDITION  
757BH B21 1FMPU18L0WLA21666 1998 Ford EXPEDITION  
924BH B17 1FMPU18L3WLA24982 1998 Ford EXPEDITION  
381BI B18 1FMPU18L0XLB01146 1999 Ford EXPEDITION  
462BJ B13 1FMRU1865XLC14142 1999 Ford EXPEDITION  
767BI B17 1FMPU18LXXLA11468 1999 Ford EXPEDITION  
696BH B16 3FAFP13P91R115014 2001 Ford ESCORT  
410BI B18 1FMFU18L1VLA21329 1997 Ford EXPEDITION  
525BJ A17 1G3WH52M8SF311823 1995 Oldsmobile CUTLASS  
712BI B17 2FAFP71W8WX140816 1998 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
172BJ B14 2FAFP71W7XX201056 1999 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
383BJ B13 2FAFP71W81X139156 2001 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
501BH B22 2FAFP71W21X165445 2001 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
179BI B17 2FAFP71W03X169223 2003 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
817BI A08 JHLRD1857VC073621 1997 Honda CRV  
628BI A02 JHLRD1864XC056593 1999 Honda CRV  
812BH A08 JN6ND06SXDW012532 1983 Datsun DATSUN PICKUP  
586BI A23 1G3WS14T5KD369849 1989 Oldsmobile CUTLASS  
344BJ B13 2FABP73F5HX132509 1987 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
161BJ A20 1G3NG52MXW6316817 1998 Oldsmobile CUTLASS  
294BI B07 1B7GR14X5JS760724 1988 Dodge DAKOTA  
329BI B05 1B7GN14X7JS636398 1988 Dodge DAKOTA  
048BJ B07 1B7GG26X3LS722615 1990 Dodge DAKOTA  
111BI B06 1B7GG23XXPS217133 1993 Dodge DAKOTA  
826BI B06 1B7GL23X2RS616651 1994 Dodge DAKOTA  
448BJ A17 1G6EL12Y5TU605749 1996 Cadillac ELDORADO  
855BH A17 3R47F8M547220 1978 Oldsmobile CUTLASS  
600BI A05 1NXBR38E94Z307953 2004 Toyota COROLLA  
593BI A05 JT2AE04B0R0060125 1994 Toyota COROLLA  
002BJ A10 1NXAE09B8SZ285094 1995 Toyota COROLLA  
151BJ A14 1NXAE09BXSZ344064 1995 Toyota COROLLA  
657BI A05 1NXBA02E4VZ655689 1997 Toyota COROLLA  
216BJ A14 1NXBR18E1WZ011056 1998 Toyota COROLLA  
288BJ A13 1NXBR12E4WZ072166 1998 Toyota COROLLA  
095BJ A11 1NXBR12E8XZ154242 1999 Toyota COROLLA  
371BH B10 2FAFP71W4WX150310 1998 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
195BJ A13 2T1BR12E51C441935 2001 Toyota COROLLA  
119BI B19 2FACP74W1NX103121 1992 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
332BJ A04 1NXBR32EX5Z365497 2005 Toyota COROLLA  
313BJ A04 2T1BR32E46C602505 2006 Toyota COROLLA  
138BJ B13 1ZWFT6032X5604489 1999 Mercury COUGAR  
645BI B17 1ZWFT61L2X5622800 1999 Mercury COUGAR  
801BH B21 1ZWFT61L1X5614753 1999 Mercury COUGAR  
638BI B17 1ZWFT6037Y5631902 2000 Mercury COUGAR  
959BH B20 2FABP43F0EX181370 1984 Ford CROWN VICTORI  
007BI B08 1B3BA44K8GG187807 1986 Dodge DAYTONA  
291BJ A15 1NXBR12E3XZ235049 1999 Toyota COROLLA  
081BI A05 4A3AE45G71E141703 2001 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE  
062BJ B07 1B4HS28N41F530122 2001 Dodge DURANGO  
299BJ B02 1B4HS28N31F594362 2001 Dodge DURANGO  
845BI B06 1B4HS28NX1F640009 2001 Dodge DURANGO  
882BI B07 1B4HS28N01F596697 2001 Dodge DURANGO  
240BJ B01 1D4HS48N23F528647 2003 Dodge DURANGO  
213BI B04 1B3XC46R3LD860069 1990 Dodge DYNASTY  
108BI B04 1C3BT46D9EC285552 1984 Chrysler E CLASS  
632BI A01 LH23C3R276963 1973 Dodge DART  
566BI A06 4A3AK34Y3XE139808 1999 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE  
040BJ B07 1B4HS28Y4WF206590 1998 Dodge DURANGO  
991BI A22 1D80R4Z471389 1974 Chevrolet EL CAMINO  
093BI B04 KMHJF35F5YU955457 2000 Hyundai ELANTRA  
564BI A12 KMHJF35FXYU927038 2000 Hyundai ELANTRA  
891BI A09 KMHJF35FXYU983786 2000 Hyundai ELANTRA  
813BI A10 KMHDN45D21U115940 2001 Hyundai ELANTRA  
889BI A09 KMHDN45D93U536833 2003 Hyundai ELANTRA  
504BJ B12 1FMDU34X6SZB97216 1995 Ford EXPLORER  
371BJ A02 4A3CF44E6PE065342 1993 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE  
120BJ B07 W14BF8S290229 1978 Dodge DODGE TRUCK  
412BJ A18 1G6CD5183H4259429 1987 Cadillac DEVILLE  
129BI A26 1G6CD5154K4336175 1989 Cadillac DEVILLE  
085BI A26 1G6CD5333L4295373 1990 Cadillac DEVILLE  
158BD A21 1G6KD52Y8VU217344 1997 Cadillac DeVille  
029BJ A20 1G6KD54Y9YU228502 2000 Cadillac DEVILLE  
083BI A11 1G6KE57Y1YU251927 2000 Cadillac DEVILLE  
938BI A21 1G6KD54Y92U145417 2002 Cadillac DEVILLE  
066BI B04 1B4HS28N6YF224193 2000 Dodge DURANGO  
642BI A05 SALJN1282TA167532 1996 Landrover DISCOVERY  
329BJ B01 1B4HS28Z8XF708593 1999 Dodge DURANGO  
602BI B05 D14BF8S223235 1979 Dodge DODGE TRUCK  
959BI B08 D14JF9S130448 1979 Dodge DODGE TRUCK  
278BJ B08 1B7FD14T5HS478763 1987 Dodge DODGE TRUCK  
505BJ B01 3B7HF16Y7RM560225 1994 Dodge DODGE TRUCK  
468BJ B01 2B6HB23W7FK211362 1985 Dodge DODGE VAN  
950BH B06 2B5WB35Z3WK117780 1998 Dodge DODGE VAN  
841BI B06 2B5WB35Z12K126245 2002 Dodge DODGE VAN  
889BH A23 1G6EL12B8PU610509 1993 Cadillac ELDORADO  
237BJ A18 1G6KD54Y43U215696 2003 Cadillac DEVILLE  
052BJ B15 2FMDA51635BA72732 2005 Ford FREESTAR  
546BJ B12 1FTZX1867WNC29319 1998 Ford FORD TRUCK  
560BJ B12 1FTRF18L2WNA65552 1998 Ford FORD TRUCK  
084BG B10 1FTRX17W3YNB51786 2000 Ford Ford Truck  
377BI B19 1FDEE14N2LHA35157 1990 Ford FORD VAN  
980BG B11 1FTRE14212HA41073 2002 Ford Ford Van  
507BH B22 1FTNS24W76DA75015 2006 Ford FORD VAN  
832BH A06 KL5JD56Z28K879521 2008 Suzuki FORENZA  
398BJ A15 4A3AA46L0XE080971 1999 Mitsubishi GALANT  
454BJ B12 2FMDA57624BA43034 2004 Ford FREESTAR  
515BI B18 1FTHX26H9TEA81403 1996 Ford FORD TRUCK  
296BH B11 2FMZA50685BA45405 2005 Ford FREESTAR  
682BH B14 1FMZK05105GA47932 2005 Ford FREESTYLE  
795BI B17 1FMDK06126GA00671 2006 Ford FREESTYLE  
365BH B09 3FAHP06Z18R217112 2008 Ford FUSION  
032BJ A22 1G2ZH528254161034 2005 Pontiac G6  
013BJ A21 1G2ZG558X64118464 2006 Pontiac G6  
321BH B10 F10ERGJ2200 1980 Ford FORD TRUCK  
314BJ A04 JF1SG63633G716982 2003 Subaru FORESTER  
324BH B11 1FTCR14A0MTA48257 1991 Ford FORD TRUCK  
092BH B11 1FMDU34X1SUA96825 1995 Ford EXPLORER  
871BH B21 1FTDF15E4CRA25963 1982 Ford FORD TRUCK  
084BI B18 1FTJF35L8DPA74707 1983 Ford FORD TRUCK  
823BI B17 1FTDF15N1GPA06868 1986 Ford FORD TRUCK  
435BH B10 1FTHX25GXJKA01484 1988 Ford FORD TRUCK  
598BH B22 1FTJX35G8JKB07262 1988 Ford FORD TRUCK  
328BH B11 1FTHX23M8KKB46609 1989 Ford FORD TRUCK  
080BJ B15 1FTRX18LXWKA35262 1998 Ford FORD TRUCK  
012BH B10 1FTEX15H9MKA75263 1991 Ford FORD TRUCK  
964BI B16 1FTHF26H5VEA91349 1997 Ford FORD TRUCK  
510BH B22 2FTDF15N9MCA15606 1991 Ford FORD TRUCK  
386BH B10 1FTEX15Y3NKB77790 1992 Ford FORD TRUCK  
380BJ B13 2FTDF15Y4PCA29122 1993 Ford FORD TRUCK  
718BI B16 1FTEF14N1PLA83429 1993 Ford FORD TRUCK  
884BH B17 1FTEX15N9PKB94800 1993 Ford FORD TRUCK  
592BI B18 1FTEX15N4RKB66924 1994 Ford FORD TRUCK  
169BJ B14 2FTEF15H1SCA18995 1995 Ford FORD TRUCK  
359BJ A15 4A3AA36G52E167481 2002 Mitsubishi GALANT  
079BJ B15 1FTEX14N1LKB06351 1990 Ford FORD TRUCK  
915BH B03 1J4GZ58S5SC705718 1995 Jeep GRAND CHEROKE  
185BI A26 1G2NF52E23M657197 2003 Pontiac GRAND AM  
579BI A19 1G2NF52E13M733749 2003 Pontiac GRAND AM  
418BI A21 1G2NF52E54M570394 2004 Pontiac GRAND AM  
123BJ B07 1J4GZ78Y5PC711297 1993 Jeep GRAND CHEROKE  
049BJ B07 1J4GZ58S6RC322879 1994 Jeep GRAND CHEROKE  
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