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Stock Ticket
184BM A09 JM1BL1S66A1102700 2010 Mazda 3  
803BM A14 1YVFP80CX45N34852 2004 Mazda 6  
605BK A22 1G3HY53C2N1828017 1992 Oldsmobile 88  
819BM A29 1G3HN52K6V4860937 1997 Oldsmobile 88  
356BM A06 YS3DD58HXY2034677 2000 Saab 93  
735BM A12 YS3DF58K522029464 2002 Saab 93  
909BK A10 YS3EF48E9X3030420 1999 Saab 95  
275BM A21 1G3CX52K9T4308091 1996 Oldsmobile 98  
781BM A14 YV1AX8840F1137457 1985 Volvo 244  
947BJ A17 WDBEB33D8HA365823 1987 Mercury 300  
410BM A06 WBACB4313NFF77645 1992 BMW 325  
947BL A01 1.1603312054e+013 1976 Mercedes Benz 450  
851BJ B22 1FAFP24156G174897 2006 Ford 500  
880BM A15 WBAHC2312LBE27408 1990 BMW 525  
762BM A13 WBADN6347YGM64570 2000 BMW 540  
336BM A06 1YVGD22B6M5179807 1991 Mazda 626  
967BM A14 1YVGD22B8N5206006 1992 Mazda 626  
831BM A13 1YVGE22C5V5672112 1997 Mazda 626  
332BM A10 1YVGF22C725285764 2002 Mazda 626  
418BM A18 1G2AF51W7K6238368 1989 Pontiac 6000  
897BL A24 1G2AF54T7M6204614 1991 Pontiac 6000  
491BM A14 HS130206747 1980 Datsun 280Z  
358BM A06 WBAAV53421FJ65173 2001 BMW 3 SERIES  
749BM B02 2C3AE66G41H719332 2001 Chrysler 300M  
280BM B07 2C3HE66C02H19971 2002 Chrysler 300M  
400BM A07 WBAAM3346YFP71903 2000 BMW 323I  
375BM A10 WDBCA35E7MA591300 1991 Mercedes Benz 400 SERIES  
037BL A08 WAUCB28D1XA241657 1999 Audi A4  
621BM A08 WAUBA34B7XN090633 1999 Audi A6  
468BM A12 WAUEH24B9YN120591 2000 Audi A6  
457BM A06 KMHCG45C11U199620 2001 Hyundai ACCENT  
109BK A12 KMHCG35C25U359648 2005 Hyundai ACCENT  
289BM A09 KMHCG45C85U674525 2005 Hyundai ACCENT  
031BN A15 SMH2000670 1980 Honda ACCORD  
690BM A11 JHMSZ333XCC095836 1982 Honda ACCORD  
417BM A11 1HGBA734XGA126059 1986 Honda ACCORD  
142BI A14 JHMCA5544HC028847 1987 Honda ACCORD  
355BM A06 JHMCA5631KC034523 1989 Honda ACCORD  
508BM A09 JHMCB7652LC029732 1990 Honda ACCORD  
652BM A11 1HGCB7650LA186240 1990 Honda ACCORD  
319BM A06 JHMCB7688MC093091 1991 Honda ACCORD  
542BM A08 1HGCB7550NA180121 1992 Honda ACCORD  
815BM A13 JHMCD5655RC095943 1994 Honda ACCORD  
546BM A08 JHMCD5658SC032020 1995 Honda ACCORD  
586BM A08 JHMCD5530SC029984 1995 Honda ACCORD  
894BM A14 1HGCD5652SA094057 1995 Honda ACCORD  
695BK A11 1HGCD5608VA255245 1997 Honda ACCORD  
961BM A14 1HGCG1650XA010812 1999 Honda ACCORD  
428BM A11 JHMCM56374C012052 2004 Honda ACCORD  
820BL B12 1FMDA41X9LZB79152 1990 Ford AEROSTAR  
128BM B13 1FTDA14U5MZA73318 1991 Ford AEROSTAR  
886BM B21 1FMDA31U4MZB08698 1991 Ford AEROSTAR  
450BM B11 1FMDA41X4NZB61712 1992 Ford AEROSTAR  
849BL B13 1FMDA41X0NZA56729 1992 Ford AEROSTAR  
103BK B16 1FMDA31U6PZA15489 1993 Ford AEROSTAR  
138BL B16 1FMDA41X0SZA69718 1995 Ford AEROSTAR  
368BM B11 1FMDA41X5TZA68517 1996 Ford AEROSTAR  
604BM A19 1G3NL52T8XC384409 1999 Oldsmobile ALERO  
008BM A23 1G3NL52TXYC416262 2000 Oldsmobile ALERO  
173BM A22 1G3NL52T5YC303562 2000 Oldsmobile ALERO  
917BL A25 1G3NL52T84C74500 2000 Oldsmobile ALERO  
705BM A16 1G3NL52EX2C307468 2002 Oldsmobile ALERO  
760BM A16 1G3NL12E42C206631 2002 Oldsmobile ALERO  
249BM A17 1G3NL52EX3C196437 2003 Oldsmobile ALERO  
348BM A06 1N4BU31D0SC248840 1995 Nissan ALTIMA  
814BM A13 1N4BU31D4VC120136 1997 Nissan ALTIMA  
608BM A09 1N4DL01D7YC127600 2000 Nissan ALTIMA  
673BK A11 1N4DL01A1YC141174 2000 Nissan ALTIMA  
799BL A10 1N4DL01DX1C195511 2001 Nissan ALTIMA  
314BM A06 1N4AL11D94C109246 2004 Nissan ALTIMA  
156BM B12 KNJLT05H9S6117673 1995 Ford ASPIRE  
213BL B15 KNJLT05H7V6210583 1997 Ford ASPIRE  
594BM A18 1GCDM15Z0GB119829 1986 Chevrolet ASTRO VAN  
162BM A23 1GBDM15Z1HB162517 1987 Chevrolet ASTRO VAN  
470BM A20 1GCDM19W8XB123434 1990 Chevrolet ASTRO VAN  
790BL A17 1GNDL15Z3LB149850 1990 Chevrolet ASTRO VAN  
512BM A19 1GNEL19W6RB140914 1994 Chevrolet ASTRO VAN  
646BM A16 1GNEL19WXRB223858 1994 Chevrolet ASTRO VAN  
241BM A18 1GNDM19W9SB102155 1995 Chevrolet ASTRO VAN  
654BM A16 1GNDM19W3SB196372 1995 Chevrolet ASTRO VAN  
656BM A29 1G3GR64HX14128859 2001 Oldsmobile AURORA  
662BM A13 4T1BF12B1VU186655 1997 Toyota AVALON  
393BM A16 3G7DA03E21S530825 2001 Pontiac AZTEK  
702BM A11 4F4YR12C9XTM37212 1999 Mazda B2500  
910BL A24 1GNCT18ZXK8159780 1989 Chevrolet BLAZER  
567BM A19 1G2HX53L1P1204087 1993 Pontiac BONNEVILLE  
550BK A25 1G2HX52K9XH200420 1999 Pontiac BONNEVILLE  
724BM A16 1G2HX52K2XH235669 1999 Pontiac BONNEVILLE  
940BL A23 1G2HX54K7Y4225256 2000 Pontiac BONNEVILLE  
227BM A19 1G2HX54K624222825 2002 Pontiac BONNEVILLE  
804BL A18 1G2HX52KX34186349 2003 Pontiac BONNEVILLE  
060BL A18 1G2HX52K15U146132 2005 Pontiac BONNEVILLE  
867BM A29 1GHDT13W5Y2252948 2000 Oldsmobile BRAVADA  
700BM B01 1P3EJ46C9VN658504 1997 Plymouth BREEZE  
532BM B01 1P3EJ46CXXN620637 1999 Plymouth BREEZE  
106BL B02 1P3EJ46XXYN164322 2000 Plymouth BREEZE  
260BL B15 1FMEU15H7LLA53792 1990 Ford BRONCO  
777BL B15 1FMCU14S6EUC40927 1984 Ford BRONCO II  
280BL B15 1FMCU14T6GUD45432 1986 Ford BRONCO II  
895BL B14 1FMCU14T5LUA87706 1990 Ford BRONCO II  
351BM A06 WVWCAD153KK033988 1989 Volkswagen CABRIOLET  
146BL A22 1G3NL54U7LM786223 1990 Oldsmobile CALAIS  
330BM B07 1B3HB28B17D269370 2007 Dodge CALIBER  
708BK B02 1B3HE78K57D432851 2007 Dodge CALIBER  
616BM B08 1B3HB28CX9D170963 2009 Dodge CALIBER  
206BM A22 1G1AP8715DL136442 1983 Chevrolet CAMARO  
297BM A21 1G1AP8713DL136083 1983 Chevrolet CAMARO  
403BM A17 1G1FP87S6GL163197 1986 Chevrolet CAMARO  
231BM A22 2G1FP32S0S2136208 1995 Chevrolet CAMARO  
438BM A07 JT2SV16E2F0365123 1985 Toyota CAMRY  
520BM A07 JT2SV12E4F0294481 1985 Toyota CAMRY  
683BM A10 JT2VV22W4K0027427 1989 Toyota CAMRY  
825BM A14 JT2VV21E2M3015514 1991 Toyota CAMRY  
337BM A06 JT2VK12E1P0176816 1993 Toyota CAMRY  
894BK A14 JT2BG12K2T0348212 1996 Toyota CAMRY  
475BI A06 JT2BG22K1V0036889 1997 Toyota CAMRY  
598BM A09 JT2BG22K8V0075205 1997 Toyota CAMRY  
455BM A07 4T1BG22KXWU253421 1998 Toyota CAMRY  
824BM A14 4T1BG22K9XU578448 1999 Toyota CAMRY  
427BM A07 2T1CF22P5YC421604 2000 Toyota CAMRY  
506BM A07 JT2BG22K2Y0460070 2000 Toyota CAMRY  
758BK A10 4T1BG22K71U081132 2001 Toyota CAMRY  
748BM A16 1G1BL53E7MW101343 1991 Chevrolet CAPRICE  
956BL A23 1G1BN53E8MW221243 1991 Chevrolet CAPRICE  
569BM B08 2B4GH253XRR61427 1994 Dodge CARAVAN  
293BL B08 1B4GK44R9SX589713 1995 Dodge CARAVAN  
882BM B03 2B4GH2531SR106775 1995 Dodge CARAVAN  
328BM B07 2B4FP2538TR766697 1996 Dodge CARAVAN  
212BM B08 2B4FP25B7WR629696 1998 Dodge CARAVAN  
697BK B08 1B4GP54R7WB724682 1998 Dodge CARAVAN  
707BK B02 1B4GP44G3WB511883 1998 Dodge CARAVAN  
766BK B01 1B4GT44L2WB745778 1998 Dodge CARAVAN  
887BM B03 2B4GP4536WR547578 1998 Dodge CARAVAN  
251BM B08 1B4GP44G0XB849680 1999 Dodge CARAVAN  
382BM B07 1B4GT54L6XB887493 1999 Dodge CARAVAN  
695BM B08 2B4GP2439XR414708 1999 Dodge CARAVAN  
253BM B08 2B4GP44R31R150294 2001 Dodge CARAVAN  
338BM B07 1D4GP25R85B217422 2005 Dodge CARAVAN  
591BM B08 1D4GP24R86B612381 2006 Dodge CARAVAN  
970BL A02 36155886 0 PO Pontiac CATALINA  
912BL A25 1G1JF5241S7166532 1995 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
157BM A23 1G1JC5240V7102253 1997 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
776BL A21 1G1JC1247VM103541 1997 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
099BM A24 1G1JC5244W7234157 1998 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
254BM A18 1G1JF12T8W7316075 1998 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
287BM A21 1G1JC1243W7120644 1998 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
869BL A23 3G1JC5245XS828467 1999 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
905BM A29 1G1JC5248X7223499 1999 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
885BL A25 1G1JC5242Y7221698 2000 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
230BM A22 1G1JC524517233706 2001 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
539BM A19 1G1JC124417312678 2001 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
105BK A21 1G1JC524327399062 2002 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
588BM A19 1G1JC524927213976 2002 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
605BM A19 1G1JS124127240455 2002 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
153BM A23 1G1JF52F137296832 2003 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
864BM A28 1G1JC52F837278501 2003 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
959BM A29 1G1JF52F947284168 2004 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
191BL A22 1G1JC52F557100161 2005 Chevrolet CAVALIER  
906BL A25 2G4WY52M0W1543311 1989 Buick CENTURY  
370BM A18 3G4AH55M3RS608411 1994 Buick CENTURY  
460BM A17 1G4AH55M8S6471251 1995 Buick CENTURY  
963BM A28 2G4WS52M4W1521717 1998 Buick CENTURY  
248BM A17 2G4WS52M6X1539802 1999 Buick CENTURY  
990BL A25 2G4WS52MXX1525790 1999 Buick CENTURY  
365BM A20 2G4WS52J121283003 2000 Buick CENTURY  
791BL A17 2G4WS52J811329232 2001 Buick CENTURY  
892BK A21 2G4WY55J311130566 2001 Buick CENTURY  
303BM A21 2G4WS52J225286 2002 Buick CENTURY  
396BM A19 2G4WS52J621109914 2002 Buick CENTURY  
885BK A22 2G4WS52J721259319 2002 Buick CENTURY  
018BM A24 2G4WS52J831280231 2003 Buick CENTURY  
367BM A20 2G4WS52JX312018 2003 Buick CENTURY  
873BK A22 2G4WS52J031201506 2003 Buick CENTURY  
874BM B03 1J4FJ58L0KL478725 1989 Jeep CHEROKEE  
359BM B07 1J4GZ58Y8SC538291 1995 Jeep CHEROKEE  
483BJ A01 134691L177714 1971 Chevrolet CHEVELLE  
651BM A17 CCS332Z137614 1972 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
744BK A01 CCZ14AZ116437 1976 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
788BL A17 CCL246F466388 1976 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
238BM A22 CCL248Z146695 1978 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
909BL A01 CCS348Z107131 1978 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
348BJ A01 CKL249Z175150 1979 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
801BJ A01 CCL349Z143514 1979 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
609BM A19 CCD14AZ127818 1980 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
027BI A21 2GCGK39N6J1179286 1988 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
610BM A16 2GCFK24K9L1133960 1990 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
574BM A18 1GCEK14Z2ME182663 1991 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
794BM A28 1GCEK19T7XE240078 1999 Chevrolet CHEVY TRUCK  
713BM A16 GE161U200079 1971 Chevrolet CHEVY VAN  
939BL A24 CGL1664124010 1976 Chevrolet CHEVY VAN  
718BM A16 CGU157U131540 1977 Chevrolet CHEVY VAN  
452BM A20 2GBEG25KXJ4135423 1988 Chevrolet CHEVY VAN  
786BM A29 1GBEG25K6M7137551 1991 Chevrolet CHEVY VAN  
597BM A18 1G3AL54N0N6383067 1992 Oldsmobile CIERA  
235BM A21 1G3AG54N3P6442748 1993 Oldsmobile CIERA  
641BM B08 1G6AG69P8DJ405822 1983 Cadillac CIMARRON  
977BL A25 1G6AG69P3EJ407138 1984 Cadillac CIMARRON  
738BM A11 1HGED354XJA043684 1988 Honda CIVIC  
859BM A14 1HGED3657LA017828 1990 Honda CIVIC  
335BM A06 1HGEG8545RL044987 1994 Honda CIVIC  
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